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  1. Hi ; I am from Turkey. Which of the micro needling ( Dermastamp , Dermapen or Dermaroller ) is suitable for my superficial scars? Please give me suggestion.Whic product do you use? Which device is more successful ? And Where Can I buy these products from the internet? After the needling which anti-aging products(serums) do you use? Thank you so much.
  2. sezenci im from turkey too where do you live and can you send me before after pics :)) hangi doktora oldun önerirmisin I send my telephone number Go to your messages ! I have also topic which includes my before and after photos
  3. I have same scars and these are at my temple area... Your scars not looks horrible... When I havent known these site , ı have tried co2 laser and this resulted more indented scar area... I want to share...
  4. Thank you djdan for your comment.. I will try all of these...
  5. Unfortunately it is impossible to cover indented scars
  6. Thank you so much beautifulambition , your comment is so precious for me... Also I want to keep in touch with other acne scar sufferers in Europe...
  7. fish oil and zinc can decrease generation of cystic acne.
  8. Sezenci

    Oily skin

    may be you can use glycolic acid products...
  9. Usually doctors give retin-a or similar retinoid involving products. If I were you ; I had used differin + azeleic acid combination.
  10. I would recommend you high quality multivitamin + high quality omega 3 + bromelain + Coenzyme Q10 may be krill oil and Vitamin C for skin healing conditions.
  11. I have same scar types and ı will follow this topic...
  12. ı have same scars and subsission with filler is the best solution in my opinion.Search best doctor near to you.
  13. the best long term results i think dermapen plus prp and fat grafting....
  14. Dear Friends; I have struggle acne scars for years and I understand very well the implications of those who have these scars and embrace them with affection . I have Co2 laser only one treatment but these procedure widens and makes explicit my scars :S I am adding before and after pictures...After I had dermapen and PRP treatment with minimal improvements. Especially beautifuladmition please comment... Now I want to have fat injection or H.A Filler injection. Please advise me reputable d