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  1. Good luck!!! I thought I was gonna start tonight, but I have to wait a few days for my insurance to approve it.
  2. To me it looks moderately severe. It doesn't look like it's cystic or nodular acne though, which is good!!
  3. I need to stop picking at my face! I'm starting accutane soon and if I pick at my face it will take longer to heal, because accutane apparently slows down the healing process! argh! Also I have very sensitive skin, whenever I pick the spot and the area around it become really red and the redness doesn't fade for a really long time! I always pick at my face at school and then get embarrassed by how red it is and try to cover it with makeup...which just makes it worse!!
  4. Hi! Sorry I haven't made any entries lately. Not very much to say. I'm starting Accutane on the 17th. I'm a little nervous. School started up 3 or 4 weeks ago. Haven't gotten a whole lot of homework yet. Hopefully it'll be a good year! I'm currently working on college applications. Here's how my skin is doing right now: Still have quite a few bumps, but I think it's definitely gotten a little better. I've been changing my pillow case more often and instead of using a hand towel
  5. Hi guys. I keep getting new pimples!! At least they're not really bad ones, not nodular or anything. Just whiteheads (closed comedones). I always have little blackheads (closed comedones) on my nose and chin. So I've been reading about The Regimen and I really like the Product Guide. It's really helpful. I looked online at some of the ingredients in some products I'd been using that I had suspicions about, and of course they had ingredients that clog pores! I've been cleaning out my bathroo
  6. forgo families, forgo friends, that’s how it started, and how it ends, i can’t open up and cry, ‘cause i’ve been silent all my life

    1. I actually took these pictures yesterday...I woke up today with a few new pimples toda. I have quite a few on my forehead right now, probably because of my bangs. Isn't it amazing what makeup can hide?? My acne was pretty bad at the time these photos were taken but you can hardly tell! I tried acupuncture for the first time today! Some of the needles hurt but most of them didn't.
    2. I'm about to start taking Accutane next month and I take Zoloft. I have a past history of depression but my derm still prescribed it to me. I know that if I start to get depressed, I'll talk to my parents and my derm. I've warned my boyfriend too and he says he'll tell my parents if I start to seem depressed and won't tell anyone. Both my mom, dad, and brother have taken Accutane before. My mom is particularly watchful because a long time ago (maybe 30+ years) her friend's daughter committed su
    3. Thank you! Maybe if after Accutane and my acne still hasn't cleared, I'll switch dermatologists and inquire about Amoxicillin as a long term treatment. I have high hopes for Accutane though!
    4. Hi, I'm Amanda!! I'm 17 years old and about to start my senior year of high school. I've been struggling with acne since 6th grade, but it wasn't nearly as bad then. I've tried Doxycycline (Doryx) and I've gone on and off of Augmentin (Amoxicillin) and recently took Prednisone for a month. Prednisone helped clear me up some but obviously I couldn't stay on it for long term because it's a steroid. Right now I'm on Augmentin and in a month I'm going to start Accutane. Augmentin seems to work well