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  1. i think so,,because its natural and not a chemical..and its great for balancing... perhaps what is in it, is stronger then BC
  2. my face remained clear for 5 months..amazing till i got pregnant LOL..did i mention is helps with fertility;) my face is still somewhat clear..a few break outs, but thats the pregnancy
  3. it takes about 3 months for your body to get used to it,.,,give it time and try not to look at your skin everyday... u will slowly start to notice it clearing... it worked for me well..but that was with good diet, working out and a few suppliments like B5, B6, OMEGA 3, primerose.
  4. oh im sorry hun well i think the suppliments i took r working...i think i posted what i was doing, but how can i have a normal period for 4 months straight and then nothing this month??? hmmmm im bloated and crampy for 2 weeks..like its coming..but it never came.. never had that
  5. im sorry to hear your face got worse,, so far im lucky nothing bad has happened...ive been off since march this month for the first time my period didnt come yet..i was due last thurs...and every month is always on time...even off the pill... has this happened to anyone??? im questioning if its the pill or pregnancy
  6. im so sorry to hear this is happening...was your skin fine before 3 months??? ive been off for nearly 2 months..but im taking alot of stuff suggested and also the woman at the health store said to take wild yam to balance estrogen and womansense menapousal stuff...because it has a combo off stuff for hormones..she said it helped her with her face and cramps. also tomato paste is good for hormonal acne as lycopene in the paste is what helps with the acne. also applying tomato to your face as
  7. oh no r u serious???? darn im scared now..ive been off just hitting 3 weeks...imdue for my period now..i can feel the cramps. but ive prepared....im taking vitex, done qui, borage...B5 , B6, PRIMEROSE.. ALSO EATING TOMATO PASTE HELPS WITH HORMONAL ACNE..if u google it theres a ingredient lycopene that helps control it.. also applying tomato to your skin and using a parsely toner has antibacterial agents in it and helps for ACNE... so hopefully all this helps to control the problem before it
  8. im starting it this week also rasberry tea helps
  9. sorry where is dans regemin? I went to a health store and they advised me what suppliments to take a week before i get off the pill and for the next 3-6 months this may ease the transition magnesium for cramps don qui for cramps 3000 gm primerose vitex for hormonal balance B-5 zinc b-6 cherry leave tea L-glutamine detox pills for a month to cleanse the blood of toxics from the pill. of course i take reg suppliments already like omega 3 probiotics VIT A B-complex multi biton and if u loo
  10. im really scared to get off..i hope the hormonal suppliments i bought will help
  11. thanks for the reply geez..i thought it would help with acne..im really scared to get off the pill after many years on it... trying to avoid the bad period cramps and acne.... im already taking VITAMINE B6 AND B5.... i guess i could go to a health store and ask them
  12. thank u so much! that helps! see I live in Toronto, I dont know what brands they have..but how will i know which to try? I would like to avoid the ones that dont work as well.... I wonder if I should start with a higher dosage from the start.. thanks for the reply
  13. thanks for the reply i read that it takes as much as 3-6 months to start to work... so perhaps u will see results later in the months. Im already taking suppliments for hormones like B6 AND B5 and im still on the pill..im hoping to ease the transition for when i stop next month so ill take the vitex the day following i stop the pill. i tried to get off the pill in 2004 and my cramps were so bad i had to get off the bus feeling i was going to throw up all in tears..brutal...
  14. hey there i read how amazing this stuff is once u get off the pill but i read it reduces the libido...which worries me has anyone experienced this???? thanks:)
  15. has anyone tried vitamins... Im already taking a few for acne and im the clearest ive ever been however i am still on the pill..but even when i was on the pill a few years ago, i had some acne.,. has anyone used Vitex??? i wonder if i can use this while on the pill to get my body used to it first before i get off.. also i hear B 5 AND B6 is for hormonal acne which i take already. but im reading alot more suppliments that help with hormonal acne so maybe this will help all of us