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  1. Hi! I have had problems with acne for years and it has left scars mainly on my cheeks. I still have some acne left, but I just got a prescription that I hope will help it to go away. Anyway, I am really worried over the scars I've gotten. The doctor said that they won't go away, but he didn't know anything about laser treatments or other scar treatments. If anyone know what treatment would be suitable for these kind of scars, and would be willing to help me, I would be so greatful! Will it be p
  2. MapleMaple

    Help! Are these possible to remove?

    I know I still have some acne that I need to get rid of, but I just got a prescription and hopefully it will work. Now, I'm just really worried about these scars that are left from when my acne was worse. I need advise from anyone who know if it's possible to remove/fade them, and if you have any suggestions on what treatments will work. If anyone could help me I would be so greatful!