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  1. Jameslbills

    Accutane Log

    have been on 40mg a day for about a month, skin is feeling better than it has in years. Lips still dryish, but not cracking. I'm still feeling pessimistic about the breakout that is potentially coming soon. I am also less photosensitive than I was on tetracycline. what I'm wondering is if I can increase my dosage again without seeing my dermatologist..?
  2. Jameslbills

    Accutane Log

    4 days in, lips dry, skin needs a little bit of moisturising twice a day, but not oily and the best its been for about a year. I know I should expect a breakout during the course but other than my lips this stuff is far milder than the benzol peroxide was for me.
  3. Jameslbills

    Accutane Log

    thanks for the response man! pretty interesting, I've been having them with dinner so that works. Do you mean to say that the side effects lessen as your body gets used to the drug? I'm two days in to having two pills per day and the side effects are the mildest they have been yet, I'm pretty happy with this. Cheers, James
  4. Jameslbills

    Accutane Log

    Thus far I've noticed no difference in the side effects from doubling my dose. I have cut down on my moisturising, I think I've been over moisturising, which can make your skin feel dry
  5. Jameslbills

    Accutane Log

    Hey guys, side effects have plateaued, lips need moisturisig 4-5 times a day, I find that If im not careful I puton the lip balm and unconsciously lick my lips so they end up dryer than they were before putting the balm on :S Tomorrow I double my dosage (up to 40mg/day). How much of a difference will it make between taking one twice daily or two once daily? and how much worse should I expect the side effects to get once I increase dosage? I'm finding that my body is getting just a littl
  6. Jameslbills

    Accutane Log

    I've taken 7 tablets now, the skin on my face is dry and sensitive, specifically around the mouth. This is frustrating because my body's response to me streching this skin is to turn it really red. my lips are a little dry too but nothing I can't handle. I had a very small nose bleed this morning, havn't had one before, could this be accutane related? Should I moisturise when I need it, or will I benefit from moisturising more regularly than this? Cheers, James
  7. Jameslbills

    Accutane Log

    Ok so tonight I had my fourth Accutane tablet. lips are every so slightly dry, my acne does appear to have already started flairing up on my forehead, neck and sides of my jawbone, these pimples aren't cistic and seem to be healing nice and fast fortunately. Is it normal for the acne to start breaking out so early in the treatment? could this mean that it is already working and my skin may clear up earlier than usual? On another note, I've heard before that if I avoid moisturising my lips t
  8. Jameslbills

    Accutane Log

    I'm a 20 year old who is starting accutane treatment. A few relevant details: I've had normal acne plus breakouts of cistic since I was 15. I start off on 20mg a day for the first 2 weeks then double to 40mg per day I plan to start off with cetaphil gentle face cleanser and cetaphil moisturiser I'm 82 kg I'm planning to use this to log my progress, everyday at first and then whenever suits after that. I have heard that high daily doses of vitamin E can alleviate the symptoms somewhat, ha
  9. Jameslbills

    Benzoyl Peroxide Whilst On Accutane

    Thanks, that's a relief! Applying the epiduo each evening is a pain!
  10. Hey Guys, First post here, I'm 20 have have had mild-severe acne for 7 years and am finally starting an accutane treatement next week. For the last year I have been using a tetracycline (minomycine) combined with daily application of epiduo gel (1mg/g adapalene and 25mg/g benzoyl peroxide). I have stopped using the minomycine but can/should I keep using the epiduo gel? Your assistance is GREATLY appreciated! cheers, James