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  1. You have bigger problems than acne dude. I hope you can recover from all this quickly man.
  2. I wont lie Ive thought about it just because Id think about how people would react if I did. I never would though for one I care about my parents too much and I know itd devastate them and send them to an early grave. Plus I dont wanna die at all so I dont plan on committing suicide in my lifetime...
  3. Id drink my urine right now if a report came out and confirmed it got rid of acne.
  4. I have them on my back and arms due to lifting weights. Could give a fuck about'em. But I imagine a girl would be more self conscious about them than a guy. Try some cocoa butter and aloe vera on them. That helps them fade a little I heard. Hope everything goes ok for ya
  5. My mother never had acne at all she said. Her brother however had it a little but he grew out of it at like 16. Of course I get my dads genes and he had it till about 17-18. Shit sucks.... Sometimes I think about how different my teenage life couldve been had I not had acne to hold me down. Ive had too many blown opportunities wtih girls, making more friends, participating in discussions all because of this one thing. The day it's gone forever is the day Ill feel almost normal again.
  6. Shit I had like the best night for me in 2006 Tuesday night with this girl and Ive had clear skin for weeks now, I finally thought the acne shit was over since I did just turn 18 about a week go.... Well this week is spring break and I was gonna finally make my move.... Well of course I get fuckin owned with acne all on my forehead once again. I fuckin swear everytime I start feeling really good about myself this shit comes back to make me feel even worse than before. I already missed prom (
  7. I drink alot of water but its never really done anything
  8. I can deal with the marks. Theres nothing worse than touching your face and it feels like one big painful bump
  9. Everything a derm has ever given me has never worked. What else do I have to lose to try some foods that may reduce my acne..
  10. I eat carrots all the time...Really has done nothing wahhh Of cousre the kind I eat are those already chopped carrots in the bag
  11. Yep. Liver flushing and liver herbs should cure it. http://www.askshelley.com/faq.php?p=default&cat=37 Are you avoiding trans fats (hydrogenated oils) and getting healthy fats? And yeah, soy milk sucks. I wouldn't say it's causing/contributing to your acne necessarily, but it's just not healthy. http://www.westonaprice.org/soy/index.html And the multivitamin probably isn't doing you any good. You can't absorb much from those little pills and they stress your kidneys and liver.
  12. I only get acne on my forehead and I always hear it's related to diet/weak liver. Well I already eat like the healthiest out of anyone ever... I avoid bread aside from Kashi Cereal and Kashi Granola bars, I eat carrots, broccoli, onions, green peppers almost everyday.. I dont eat red meat and only eat chicken, turkey and fish as meats...I drink lemon water everyday...I avoid dairy and drink soy milk....When I drink tea I make sure it's decaffeinated..Take a multivitamin everyday..I workout 5 d
  13. Acne has ruined my high school years, I prayed and prayed that please let my senior year be different, please let me just have clear skin because now almost no one has acne it seems but me... Of course I dont get what I pray for and now Im basically agnostic anyway (off topic yeah).. But shit I never do anything now, I turn down my friends every opportunity I get and now theyre starting to write me off because they know I wont do anything with them ( i never have told anyone but my parents abo
  14. Unless you harbor racist feelings then it's not racist.. I myself am black but Ive never found asian women attractive. Physically they just dont do it for me, lots of them have cute faces but the bodies arent what I like in women :s
  15. I probably could get a girlfriend easily but I dont have the confidence nor swagger I use too due to this bullshit