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  1. I've definately been there. I go kicked out of highschool twice because I wasn't going. I'd wake up every morning dreading the mirror and usually didn't make it out of the door, I'd just break down crying. I missed the bus almost every day because I'd get stuck in the mirror forever. When I would make myself go, I even started hiding..I began completely shutting myself off socially because of the way I saw myself. When I think about it, it's so sad because I was popular and had tonns of friends
  2. Nope my doc. said health canada. They'll only perscribe it until u'r acne is gone, well they're supposed 2...but after that they have 2 take u off because the risks of bloodclots r 4 times higher.
  3. Health Canada won't aprove Diane35 anymore which I've been on for about the past 4 years and works great for my skin and my cycle. Now I can't have it!! The doc put me on Alesse and I feel horrible. I've been bleeding since I started it and not just spotting anymore, just keeps getting worse. Also I can't eat and feel sick all the time, my moods r a mess and I feel exhausted all the time, I have absolutley no libito and my face is breaking out. I am not a happy perosn. Anyone alse have bad expe
  4. So, the summer is now ending and I'm dreading what my skin will do because as the summer ends...so does my nearly flawless complextion. Does anyone else find their skin gets worse during the winter months? Just trying to hear other peoples ideas on how to keep your skin looking it's best after the fall comes around...maybe tanning??
  5. drysol works better than anything I've tried
  6. burts bees tomatoe soap got rid of my red marks very quickly..wasn;t even expecting it...there was a diference after the first day
  7. Ahh I'm so afriad 2 try this stuff, i just got it today. I really don't want my face 2 break out, it's been pretty good. I usually only have like 1 or 2 pimples on my face if any now. I don't wanna mess up a good thing
  8. I change mine every couple days and I can't use anyone elses or my face is a mess.