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  1. After 8 years now, i still have acne. I have a GP who sent me off to a dermatologist 6 years ago, now he says he cant do anything for my acne. and ive been doing so well up til 4 days ago. I had a routine, a good diet, and have had the same for for 3 months now ,since i got a new job, so nothigns changed in the last 4 days, so why have i just suffered the biggest breakout i think ive ever had. Its so painful, white heads everywhere, blemish all over and massive cystic spots spreading like youve
  2. Hey did anyone see this? Apparently on Richard and Judy they showed an acne product or treatment that is as succesful as accutance in clearing acne, but without all the horrible side-effects of accutane...did anyone see this? what is the treatment???
  3. Did anyone see some thing about an alternative treatment to accutane, which was proven just as succesful in the results on Richard and Judy? It was apparently on tehre a couple weeks ago and they said it has none of the side-effects that accutane has, but works just as well....?? ANYONE? know what it's called?
  4. I'm so FUCKED OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!! 8 years, fuckign acne, die mofo die!
  5. I ahte shaving, its horrible, plus i do really think it causes the spread of acne on my face. I don't have all my facial hir, just a bit on my moutasche area, and my chin, and lil bits on my cheeks. So i can't grow beard!!!! even if i wanted to. Which means i look stupid if i don't shave before i go out, weird whiskers over my face would appear if i didn't shave. I hate shaving, if i didnt have facial hair, like a girl i would bet my face would be 50% less infected with acne! I swear...shaving,
  6. I was just looking at some pics of me in secondary school....how did my face go from smooth unblemished to this pile of rubble and pain! HOW?!!! and everyone says about that 18 yr old thing oh didnt we look great at 18...and im thinking....no way i fucking didnt! i looked like a bag of shite, my apparently 'best years' fucked because of acne....and they still are now at 23 yrs old...ive had none of that best years malarky in my whole adolescene!!! give me my youth back!!!
  7. Hey guys, hope youa re all well. Im gud except for a brand new break out. I've had acne for close to 8 years now (i'm 23). about two years has passed since I had spots on my jawline, chin and neck. I used to get them there all the time. Then over the past few years I've just got what I think they term resistant acne (located around the nose, creases of the nose and cheek areas). I get cystic and nodular acne (always get about 5 cystic spots a week and maybe 20-30 white heads a week). Anyway,
  8. dont think i would get extractions!! ive got about 20 of those spots on my skin that ive had for years, they never go away! pig FckrS!!!! lol sorry i just frustrated with acne...too long...it truly is the baine of my existence!
  9. i duno if id say anything to anyone....i think my reaction would be, just gettin out of the house everyday, irrelevant where and for how long. Id probably just go out adn walk about for hours and just walk through town, be totally free of any weight on my shoulders, u know. Just get outa bed, get dressed and walk out the door and go out, that would be it for. you just that whole process for the past 8 years for me has been involved in a good 2 or 3 hours getting ready to go out, if i was sudde
  10. Jae, everyone's face looks better in the morning before you wash it. The reason, because when you are asleep the blood flow becomes smooth and less as body repairs itself after an exhausting day of activity. Thus your blood flow isn't as close to the skin and hence gives a more white or 'natural' colour. When you wash, your simply waking your body up and the blood starts flowing properly to all areas (in addition, it is likely when you sleep your face presses against the pillows and restricts s
  11. Ok erm i need to admit how silly i look at night time because of my acne. I wonder if any of you guys have any revelations that you can reveal so that i dont feel as silly to be the only one doing this! Ok at night time, when i close the door and go to bed i normally put like a thick layer of moisteuriser on....now that kinda gets sucked into the skin and thats not the embarassing thing. The embarassing thing is i then put blobs of sudocream on the active red spots...... so erm i just have thi
  12. Hey guys Just curious to find out if anyone in the uk has tried this new product i keep seeing (really bad advertisement of a load of teenagers without acne using the product to leave them without acne...) on the television. Anyone tried it? The packaging looks very similar to (i think) the oxy range. I'm thinking it might just be the same thing. But has anyone used it...and results? any problems? Cheers, hope you guys all doing well. My acne has got slightly better from the 15 spots a day.
  13. Is it just me that gets unbelievably painful acne? Every week I get three massive big spots that are so painful I have to take pain killers for a couple of days. And then one day after the pain goes (though it still looks like a bomb site), another one forms. I just hate it. Last summer I remember i went a whole month like this, and i seriously couldnt speak without being in sheer pain. Hope its not guna happen again. Broken out on my chin this month and my nose has never not had spots for o
  14. Yea well i was quoted that amount at two places in my area, and i just dont have that kind of money Also that red/blue lamp from dermalux site, doesnt say what the power of the lights are. Iwas going to buy with a credit card (cos thats the only way you can buy it off acnelamp website...not guna be in debt...i have the money). Also the acnelamp works out cheaper even with shipping charges from the US. So think ill buy from there once i get a credit card. Anyway, i still think that blue/red li
  15. i used the stuff for about 5 montsh adn all it did was give me spots. The scrubs rub on your pores and open them up larger, does more harm to my skin than good. My advice stay away from anything with beads in, especially if you have bad active acne like me. The beads get into the pores, stretch them and spread the problem. Don't use it, you'll regret it!