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  1. ABSOLUTELY! I had severe cystic acne. I am three months in the regimen and I am now completely clear. It's unreal how the regimen has helped me. I have yet to post my success story and before & after pics.
  2. Hey guys! Well it's been another week (7 total) now on the regimen and guess what? I am seeing improvement I am so excited. My acne is drying out & even tho I still have quite a few cysts, I can see my face smoothing out. I hope I'm not jinxing myself since I'm in the very beginning stages of seeing improvement, hopefully it will continue to improve. I made an appointment with my dermatologist. The earliest they can get me in is May 7th, you know how that goes. I'm gonna ask for a different
  3. Thank you guys for the sweet compliments and prayers. I just can't wait to be normal again. I am currently doing a dairy free diet, so we'll see. No, acne isn't the cause of my emotional problems, even tho having acne is causing more of it. I'm learning to deal with my anxiety one day at a time. I really hope the regimen works for me so I don't have to put myself through those drugs. I'm definitely calling the dermatologist Monday morning for an appointment to try a different antibiotic. I think
  4. I am 24 years old. I have done my research on spiro and accutane. I don't think accutane would be a good choice for me, because I have some emotional problems along with anxiety. That alone makes me too scared to try accutane. I've been to the dermatologist several times. I was prescribed retinal cream and the antibiotic doxycycline for a month, neither worked. I may go see a derm again and ask for another round of antibiotics while doing the regimen and maybe the spiro. I'm a lil scared to try
  5. Today is my 6th week on the regimen. I balled my eyes out this morning while looking at myself in the mirror. It's so bad it looks like my face was burned, but it's just acne. I'm an already self concious person and this just adds to the pain. With warm weather here, I want to go out and enjoy my summer, but I really don't want to be out around people like this. I'm starting to cry as I'm writing this. It's depressing, please pray for me! I don't see any scars, it's just hyperpigmentation, redne
  6. It's been a week since I started the non dairy diet. Well this morning I wasn't thinking and ate a peice of toast with my oats. The bread I used had milk in it does this mean I have to restart the whole process to see if dairy is what's causing my acne?
  7. I can so relate to how you feel...the past week I have cried and cried over my acne. No one knows the pain until your the one going thru it. I don't want to be seen by anyone. I'm doing the regimen, have you tried it yet? Pray to God to heal you. Hope you find relief!
  8. I've been on the regimen for 5 weeks and 2 days. I was wondering if it would be okay to replace my moisturizer with jojoba oil only? I don't like the way it makes my face feel when I apply it, and I kind of feel like it's keeping from my acne healing.
  9. Thank you AyeAye! I am doing everything precisely. I really hope to see some results soon, I look like a monster, it's terrible! Thursday will make 5 weeks I've been using the regimen. I'm gonna get me some Almond milk, I love the taste of it. The dairy free diet is worth a try. If it does make a difference, I will be gladly to quit using dairy. Here is a pic of my face tonight.
  10. I started the no dairy today, I'm gonna give it a shot. 4 and a half weeks in the regimen use and I'm starting to see acne in spots I've never seen it, places like my nose, my eye lids and my under eyes. What could this mean? BTW I still haven't gotten any improvement
  11. Wow from reading y'all's two posts it seems like a good idea to give the dairy free diet a try. I am starting tomorrow. I had a bowl of cereal and ice cream tonight, lol. Do you eat a lot of sweets? I do, and I'm also gonna cut back on that. Isn't almond milk full of sugar? I just recently started drinking 12 cups of water a day, I am trying so many different things. I've had bad cystic acne for two years it's awful and I hate to even be seen. I hope this diet will help me and hope yours contin
  12. I've been suffering from bad cystic acne for two years now. I came to a conclusion tonight that I want to try a dairy free diet. I'm willing to try anything. I have a few questions. What other milks can I drink instead of the regular dairy, hormone full cows milk? I'm gonna do some research on the list of foods I can and can't eat, but I'd like some of y'all's input as well. What are some foods good in calcium since I'll be cutting out all dairy? Also, how long should I give this dairy free diet
  13. I've been using the regimen for four and a half weeks now and mine is still pretty bad. Even though I feel hopeless my self, I say don't stop, stick with it, I'm going to. I hate going out too, because I feel so ugly and I cry too, it's awful. Just pray and about it and continue the regimen. Good luck to you!
  14. Yes I drink milk. I actually stopped drinking milk for about a week once and gave up. I didn't really think it could be the cause of it, I've drank milk my whole life.
  15. I use one pump of moisturizer as it seems to get it pretty saturated along with jojoba oil. I'm also taking vitamin d supplements. I started the fish oil pills to help my anxiety/depression, it hasn't seemed to help or worsen my acne. Your right about the tea tree oil, I did some reviews and I'm gonna hold off on it. Thanks ladies on your insight