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    Ballet dance, art, volleyball, love & relationships, chemistry, biology, friends, school life, IB, sleep and I can't think of anymore hehe :')

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  1. 9:00 PM Hello again! Day 2! Today was such a hectic day I could literally die from exhaustion. I had to work 12+ hours helping out with this Karate Competition, and during my summer holidays sucks right? Well I volunteered and I'm going to get paid so it's alright. What really surprised me was that the minute I get there, these two ladies tell me that they want me to translate the opening speech from English to Japanese in front of a stadium filled with people because the original speake
  2. Sara*97

    Day 2 photos

  3. sleeping earlier tonight! :)

  4. painting my nails!

  5. [ 11:00 AM ] Hello, this is my very first blog entry and tbh I don't exactly know what to write, however I'm planning to go with the flow and try my best! As you can see from my photos, my acne/pimples on my skin aren't exactly the worst possible skin condition out there however it is pretty bad! (at least for me anyways). I tried to be really discreet with my photos so I only took sections of my face. My goal is to get my face cleared up so that it would look like the photo of my chin, o
  6. Sara*97

    Day 1 skin photos

    Photos of my current skin condition; hyperpigmentation, scaring, minor pit holes and facial redness. Btw these photos were taken before I washed my face in the morning! :')
  7. It's soo late ahah 3am I should probably sleep for better skin! :')