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  1. I have been pimple-free now for months, so I would like to mention this to others who may also benefit. The regular acne.org Regimen was not controlling my acne breakouts until I added one step: in the evenings I also use Neutrogena's Multi-Vitamin Acne Treatment lotion (contains 1.5% Salicylic Acid) after the BP and before the moisturizer (see steps below). Some time ago, Dan mentioned that one of his BP testers reported success with adding this one step. (The tester added this on her own.
  2. I am presently a satisfied Neutrogena On-the-Spot 2.5% BP customer who purchases at least 2 tubes per week. If a larger, more economical size of quality 2.5% BP becomes easily available from a different company, then I will no longer be a Neutrogena 2.5% BP customer. If Neutrogena comes out with the larger size, then I would be happy to stick with Neutrogena. Neutrogena is one of the few companies who has figured out that 2.5% is the ideal concentration for BP treatment and I appreciate Neutr
  3. Bern, I use a lot less Neutrogena Multi-Vitamin than BP, so I guess I would say thin layer. The Multi-Vitamin lotion absorbs and spreads a lot easier than the BP that has to be gently slowly worked in. I use A LARGE AMOUNT OF BP--probably 3 fingers worth each time. I'd say I only use about 1 finger of Multi-Vitamin lotion each time. Ani, I am still clear, it is great. Again, I don't know if it was adding the tape method or adding the Neutrogena Multi-Vitamin (or both) with the BP re
  4. From Bern's post: >Just wondering with the modified evening regimen, >how long you wait between each step? Bern, I only wait about 5 minutes between each step...more might be better, but I rather rush through it and it seems to work OK: Evening (Modified Regimen): - Gentle Wash (I pat towel dry and wait about 5 minutes to be totally dry) - Tape Method (I immediately wash again after tape method to remove any possible tape chemical residue...I use 2" wide clear packaging tape...
  5. I followed the acne.org regimen (gentle wash/BP/Moisturizer in Morning and Evening) for months without much success...I kept breaking out with new active lesions nearly every day even with multiple fingers worth of 2.5% BP in the morning and multiple fingers of BP again in the evening. I eventually quit the regimen and got worse. After studying many of the posts here, I decided to modify the Regimen and I quickly CLEARED in about 1 week and have stayed reasonably clear for 6 weeks now! (I sa
  6. You did write that you recently cut back a bit on the amount of BP...maybe you need to return to the amount you were using as you cleared up? Maybe others have better ideas.
  7. The woman in the photo has an excellent complexion, but the young man has a slight lesion on the forehead! ( just kidding! ) Yes, you are absolutely right Abby! Your skin does look 500% better! I still can't believe your before and after pics. You are truly an inspiration to others fighting the acne fight! I wouldn't be too upset about your one possible lesion on the right side of your mouth...even Dan mentions that he still breaks out once in a while--he said it may be from rubbi
  8. Abby, thanks for the info. Do you still use BP only (and still no moisturizer morning nor evening?) Have you gone back to using Neutrogena 2.5% BP yet? I'll be interested to find out if you notice any difference if and when you go back to Neutrogena 2.5% BP, and if and when you go back to using any moisturizer. Thanks again.
  9. =D> Abby: Fantastic again! Questions for you: On May 20th you posted that you were completely clear (and you have been proving it with pics)...but, have you had any new facial break-outs since then? If so how often, how many, how severe? I'm just wondering if "completely clear" means you don't get ANY new blemishes at all, or if it means that you just get far fewer, etc. Also, do you have any acne locations besides your face that you treat such as bacne? Thanks!
  10. Thanks for checking Dan. It will be interesting to hear if she still uses BP twice a day.
  11. Abby: =D> CONGRATULATIONS!! I cannot believe my eyes on this latest set of pictures! What happened?? You must be wearing makeup in this latest set!! (Just kidding.) Abby, can you fill everyone in on exactly what you're present regimen has been (how many fingers worth of BP, how much moisturizer (1x or 2x per day?), etc.) You started the regimen about 6 months ago, so it took 6 months? Or would you say less time since you restarted once or twice?? What did you do differently on t
  12. Has anyone here tried this Neutrogena Multi-Vitamin Acne Treatment (1.5% Saliclyic Acid lotion)? If so, how often do you use it and what other products do you use? I was using a regimen of BP lotion only (but I still broke out a bit), then a regimen of this Multi-Vitamin lotion only (but I still broke out a bit), and now I want to try using BP for Mornings and this Sal-Acid for Evenings to try and get the "best" from using both??...But I've always read not to have both BP and Sal Acid in th
  13. Dan, any feedback on my earlier question? Or, can any one else comment on if and how they use this Neutrogena Multi-Vitamin Treatment (with Salicylic Acid) in conjunction with a Benzoyl Peroxide regimen? BP morning and this SalAcid at night? Or together, or only alone or what?
  14. Dan--Can you please list exactly how your 'before and after person' incorporates this neutrogena multi vitamin acne treatment into their regimen? (Before, After, or In Place of BP? With or without moisturizer? Once or twice per day? Light or heavy application amount of this SalAcid treatment? Has the person removed any steps from the normal twice per day Mild Cleansing/BP/Moisturizer ("Dan's regimen") in place of this SalAcid treatment?) I realize you aren't recommending this yet, but I wo