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  1. I'm 15, and a girl. I've struggled with acne since seventh grade, however, I remember getting a pimple a few times in as early as fourth grade. My acne can be classified as mild, but I know most people with mild acne get it occasionally, or for girls, around the time they get their period. However, my acne has never gotten out of control (cystic acne everywhere) but it's pretty much always active. I haven't had perfectly clear skin for a long time. Or, it will be relatively clear for one day, an
  2. Right now I have a white head on my nose and a few really tiny ones, and one on my chin. This is considered sort of bad for me. I also have dark marks over my eyebrow from using a horrbile skin product. Acne is a constant battle for me, but I've never had a breakout over my entire face (like cystic acne covering my cheeks, jawline, forehead, etc.) Would my acne be classified as mild, moderate, or severe? I'm 15 by the way. Thanks.
  3. I have been washing my face twice a day. However, I'm starting to think it may be too drying. I have sensitive dry skin with a somewhat oily nose (or maybe it's just the way the light reflects off it) and I often have flaking skin on my nose and chin. Does anyone have any experience with only washing their face at night? Thanks.