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  1. I can't believe it has been almost a year since I started this routine. I still use the products, although I have noticed that my skin is quite clear and I barely even use anything anymore. I occasionally do the cleanser, BP, and moisturizer at night but it's not really needed that much anymore. So far I have found that I can get away with just using the cleanser and then moisturizing. I haven't had a break out in weeks even when that time of the month came. My face doesn't even burn when I use
  2. Let's just start this off with saying that I am a slacker and a baby. Why am I saying this? Because I have started to slack again with keeping up the consistent routine that I should be doing. Why am I slacking? One reason: I'm a baby when it comes to pain or discomfort. I hate benzoyl peroxide with a burning (no pun intended) passion. The stuff works, but it sucks. I'm so tired of my face being dry and flaky and gross all the time. Along with constantly looking like I just rubbed my whole face
  3. JadeBair

    Dealing With Acne

    I've decided to just ramble a little bit. I've had acne ever since I was in 7th grade and whatever age that would have been (maybe 12?) Well, I still have it today (I'm 16 now) and it really does change who you are. I used to hate my face all the time (still sometimes do) and I wouldn't want to go anywhere because my face always repulsed me so I figured it did that to everyone else too. I started the regimen last summer and I really do think I have changed. My personality overall changed (I also
  4. I have decided to post another update on my skin because of the results I have been receiving lately. During October-November I started getting lazy with my routine and boy, did I pay for it. By "getting lazy" I mean that when I cleansed my face I didn't do it gently anymore and I scrubbed for about 20-30 seconds instead of the recommended 10. I also barely used my benzoyl peroxide except for a spot treatment (so I only dabbed it where I felt I needed it to avoid the redness that always comes wi
  5. JadeBair

    Sixth Week: Day 2

    I believe I am in my sixth week of using The Regimen. My progress is kind of up and down at the moment. Don't get me wrong, there are some massive changes. Like more than I've ever seen. But my blackheads seem to want to stick around for a while. Most of them have gone away but I still deal with some on and around the sides of my nose and on my forehead. I do believe I'm going to start applying BP in the morning now along with at night. Well, at least I will once I get another shipment of moistu
  6. Well I recently got another pimple. But I was quite surprised at how little it was and how quickly it went away. Like I saw it in the morning and now it's night time....and it's almost completely gone already. I just literally couldn't believe it for a while. I hope every one I get in the future does the same because then I'd never worry about breaking out a little. I have noticed that the burning from the BP and the moisturizer has come back but then some nights I don't feel it. I just wish I c
  7. Just a quick update on what's been going on with my face. No breakouts have been spotted. I believe I got like one mini pimple and it went away in about a day. The normal redness I usually see on my face due to my acne is slowly starting to fade along with some decade long acne spots. The burning from the BP is almost completely gone. Now all I feel is a slight burn with moisturizer and then it's replaced by a tingling sensation. One thing I'm experiencing right now though is insane dryness. I k
  8. Well I couldn't have asked for anything more for my birthday. It falls on a Tuesday this year which means instead of my birthday falling on the first day of school I get a little bit of a break and it's the second day. d: I can not wait to go to school with my new skin. Like my goodness it has been so long since I actually felt confident enough to walk into my school with no insecurity about my face whatsoever. I hope many of you can experience the same. c:

    1. I have finally started my third week and I am very pleased with all the results I have gotten so far. I seriously don't think my face has ever looked better in years. There are still some blemishes and junk but they're on their way out the door and I am not at all sorry to see them go. The one thing I noticed is that it seems like the burning from the BP and moisturizer has started to subside in intensity and time. It goes away after about 4-5 minutes now instead of about 30. The one thing that
    2. JadeBair

      Week 2: 4Th/5Th Day

      I've read a bunch of entries where people talk about the redness, burning and dryness so I would assume it's pretty normal. I'm just hoping the effects go away and very soon.
    3. JadeBair

      Week 2: 4Th/5Th Day

      It has been about 5 days since I last posted because I wanted to wait until I had more stuff to actually report back (I also kind of got lazy XD). Well I have quite a lot of effects and almost no improvements. Firstly I have noticed that the burning when I apply moisturizer and BP (I'm gonna abbreviate it from now on because I'm just too freaking lazy for life) has made a lovely return and it has decided to stay longer than usual so it is very fun when I try to sleep at night when my face is tin
    4. Awesome. Hopefully my face will adjust very quickly. d:
    5. Not much happened today with my treatments. No new breakouts have occurred but I don't see anything new either. I did notice extreme dryness throughout the day which sucked very much so hopefully that will die down soon. And when I say extreme dryness I mean like sahara desert dry. The dry patches are huge and feel very tight which is quite gross to me but I read on here that you can use Jojoba oil to help it so I might invest in some of that to get rid of my problem.
    6. JadeBair

      First Week: Day 6

      Awesome! Hopefully the same will happen for me. Has your skin gotten extremely dry in some spots? Because that's what I'm dealing with the most right now.
    7. JadeBair

      First Week: Day 6

      This morning I woke up and did the same thing I have been doing which is only using the benzoyl peroxide once a day but instead of using it during the day and only cleansing and moisturizing at night I switched it so I'm cleansing and moisturizing for the day while doing all three steps before I go to sleep. I found it easier this way so that if my face is going to get red I don't have to deal with it during the day. Effects I had this morning: When I cleansed my face my skin felt sligh