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  1. I use it once during the day and once at night...and yes I use it for the same reason as you.
  2. Try AHA cream thats what I have been using and it seems to be doing ok.
  3. witch hazel is very gentle i like it a lot it wont dry you out or like seamless said leave you feeling sticky.
  4. I have been using dial antibacterial soap recently and my acne has really improved over the past few weeks. I am not sure if it is just the soap but I have also gone back to clearasil ... I am using clearasil ultra along with Walgreens AHA cream. Sorry a bit more detail than you asked for but no I don't think it is bad.
  5. Hey do you guys know of a hairgel that doesn't break you out? I have been using aveda and loreal and they seem to break out my scalp and forehead. Thanks ducky
  6. eh honey and sugar is a good scrub...they both have antibacterial properties... but baking soda also works well.
  7. I use warm water to wash my face in the shower and also to open up the pores for anything I am going to apply upon getting out of the shower makes it easier for the cleansers or mask or whatever you use to get into the pores .. cold water is good for closing your pores after you are done cleaning. You don't want to use too hot of water or it will irritate your skin even more.
  8. witch hazel is a great gentle toner for your skin...it doesn't dry you out but it is great at cleaning up excess oil and dirt as well as makeup. I combine mine with tea tree oil just to get that extra antiseptic kick.
  9. I stopped using the toner for the same reason iceboi .. that and it contains so many bad ingredients. I'd rather use ACV than the toner from burts bees now.
  10. just be careful with the aloe vera it made my face feel good at first too but then i broke it in these tiny bumps all over my face
  11. Im using the ACV with water and then using TTO with witch hazel along with this .. dont know the results so far
  12. Jill Aloe vera gel broke me out big time you might consider taking that out as well.
  13. I agree tea tree oil...other than that not much that I would recommend.
  14. I'm going to try using baby shampoo and baby soap when I run out of the stuff I am currently using .. it is so gentle I think that would really help me to maintain a gentle regimen with my face and still help me feel clean
  15. Try baby powder..that's what I've been using and I think it cuts down on the sweat and friction that your shirts and bras cause it helps ok for me.
  16. you could use honey and sugar..honey is a natural anti-bacteria uh thing...i used it for a while leaves ur face feeling fresh and clean.
  17. That's what I am trying now...only using soap and TTO w/ witch hazel on my face. Taking zinc flaxseed oil and green tea extract orally.
  18. I have been using just water and a bit of soap with tea tree oil/witch hazel. This seems to have really calmed my acne down and I think my face is clearing a bit. I do notice that it is dry and flakey also during the day and it doesnt feel smooth. I am wondering though if it is just my skin purging all the crud that I had stuck on it before. I am also taking some supplements including flaxseed oil, green tea extract, and zinc.
  19. Yeah..I stopped using this too...I was using it recently and it is great at healing up spots..but it caused me to break out big time with small bumps and stuff so I had to stop using it.
  20. erm...ya know I stopped using it because it seemed to make me break out more than it helped after a while.
  21. I've heard that it helps to use the tea bags to decrease the pimples size ... what could it hurt.