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  1. You were right! I'm on my fifth week and all the blackheads on my nose are gone. My nose hasn't been this clean in ages. Good to know there's a fellow member on here that's on a similar course as me. My face is also a bit flaky and my lips are dry, but its very manageable. I actually prefer having flaky skin to having super oily skin. I have a few questions for you. Are you planning on changing your dosage or will you be taking 20mg/day throughout the entire course? And also, if you don't
  2. just an update. its been 3 weeks. side effects are starting to settle in. dry, peely skin. dry lips. dry nasal. nothing too bad though. then again, im only taking 20mg a day so i wouldn't expect the same degree of dryness as someone who is on a regular course of 40/80mg per day. as far as improvements go, no real change. my nose is really bumpy and rough. i hope to god that this is accutane pushing out my blackheads. i won't post a picture cause there's visible difference so far.
  3. day 6. still no side effects. not even dry lips. and no improvement.
  4. been three days. no side effect whatsoever. no improvement.
  5. yo nice to see a fellow korean american on this site i started accutane just today. i hope it works. i'm really interested in the low dosage program so i guess i'll be following this log. do you attend a school in seoul? cause i go to hufs
  6. Hey I started accutane just today and thought i might tell you why i chose to go on it. I have moderate acne, but it was very persistent and nothing worked. I don't think there's any reason for your dermatologist to deny you accutane just because you don't have severe acne. Even if the acne is only mild to moderate, if it's persistent and no other product works, you definitely have the right to at least try accutane. No one on this website can tell you how bad the side effects are be
  7. Hey everyone. Before I start, I'd just like to introduce myself. I'm 21 years old, I'm a guy, and I am currently living in South Korea. My nationality is Korean but I lived in the states for about 12 years. I've had acne ever since I was in the 7th grade. I would say I have moderate acne. One or two cysts and a lot of those little bumps all over my chin, cheeks, and forehead. I also have really oily skin. I tried a lot of products, but they never worked. I recently found out about accutane