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  1. After almost 9 years of having acne and now I'm 20, I think I finally got it under control. I've been doing this regimen since January and my skin is acne free! Granted I still have some marks but they're gradually fading. I have people actually tell me that my skin is looking much better! I decided to share my regimen, maybe I can help someone else out there. Keep in mind that this may not work for everyone! First change your diet! Vitamins - Make sure you getting enough Vitamins and it's es
  2. we agreed that we were just friends & that was what I was looking for. She didn't address that she wanted to have sex with me until we met up today which caught me off guard. I turned her down & I told her that I'm flattered, however I wouldn't go there. However I think when the time is right, I will come out to her about my sexuality. I was just caught off guard that somebody actually wants to have sex with me. I'm too obsessed about being attractive that it's ridiculous. I've had year
  3. Acne sucks because I always have to over analyze everyone's intentions as far as my face is concerned.Anyway there's this girl I met off of myspace recently & we've met in person. She says she wants to do something with me lol. I really don't think my face looks that bad, I only have a couple of scars here and there. Anyway I'm gay anyway but I'm not going to lead her on. But if she thought I was ugly, she wouldn't want to do anything with me right?? I'm flattered however but I'm not that
  4. I just saw a friend who I haven't seen in a long time. He was big & he was always self conscious about that. But he lost alot of weight & he looked good! He had a great attitude also. Everyone was just amazed about how fit he looked. It made me feel bad because he acomplished his goal of losing weight while I'm still here with acne & scars all over my face. I sorta felt jealous in a way but I was happy for him. What makes matters worse is that I got a bad sun tan a couple of weeks a
  5. I hate when people say that I'm dirty just because I have acne. I'm far from being dirty. They assume that you either don't take a bath or wash your face. I have one friend that constantly tells me to wash my face everynight & I wouldn't have acne, how stupid is that??? It aggravates me when people say stuff like that.
  6. I have so many faults about myself, it's either I'm too skinny, big nose,big head or whatever. Recently I got a bad tan from being in the sun alot & it's made me three shades darker. I really don't like the new look but it's getting to me. I seriously have issues...
  7. Today he called & I picked up the phone. I tried so hard but I can't resist. The problem is seriously that I'm too dependent on him for happiness. I don't feel like I can go on without him as crazy as it sounds. I'm almost obsessed with him. We never established a relationship. We flirt alot & he wants sex from me but I will not give it to him. I know that he's trash but I just cannot give up for some odd reason. So I was on the phone with him today & I told him that I was going swim
  8. Oh wow, these words from everyone are so encouraging!! I'm really thinking about just leaving him behind. What's so crappy is that he might actually make it as a popular R&B singer here in Atlanta Georgia. He's worked with a couple of popular artists & he's promoting his single. So he might actually make it big but he doesn't deserve it because he is such a low life of a human. I really hope karma gets him. I will try my best to avoid him.. it's going to be hard when he texts or calls me
  9. I'm like so weak though, I met him at a point where I was desperately wanting friends & I still do. It's weird because he has some sick hold over me. I sorta developed a crush for him as strange as it is. It's hard to let him go because I just don't want to be alone. I like the phone calls & if it stops.. I'll feel worse I guess...
  10. First off for those who don't know I'm gay... if u have a problem with it, please leave my post now! Ok, I've been talking with this dude who've I've met on myspace since January..At first he seemed cool when we talked on the phone. He seemed cool & just real. When we first met , everything seemed cool. Ever since we met up, he acted different. The phone calls stopped, I could never reach him on his cell most of the time. He calls every now & then & he claims that he's just busy. Th
  11. I don't know, I really don't feel motivated to do anything anymore. Everything just doesn't bring happiness or joy in my life. I've found out that basically mostly all of my friends are two faced & have stabbed me in the back in one way or the other. There's people constantly ruining my self esteem by the stuff they say..I'm dumb,ugly & won't ever amount to anything. I feel very low,unattractive & unwanted. I go to work & I hate my job & I come back home to loneliness every n
  12. Not only is water good for your skin but it's good for your moods! It's weird, whenever I drink alot of ice cold water, I feel more energetic & I don't feel as depressed. Also eat healthy too & stay away from sugar!! Meaning candy & all of that good stuff..
  13. What really bothers me is seeing someone who HAD bad skin in the past & you see them again to be 100% clear!Or someone that just went through a remarkable transformation, whether if they lost weight or whatever. While you still look the same with bad acne & all! Those really get to me!!
  14. Ok, usually when I go to stores I go to the acne section to see what's new & what looks promising for my skin.I came across this product that's quite pricey! Actually I came across two products. I forgot what is was called but it said that it works just as well as Proactiv. It comes with a 3 step system consisting of a toner & 2 other things. Should I not waste $20.00 on this or should I give it a go? Does anyone know what I'm talking about?I saw this at my local walmart store. Next to i