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  1. redcapz

    Back To Benzoyl

    So ive been using tto .. and its really good but expensive. So for a while now I was thinking of going back to bp . But initially wen had a lot of bumps (now i have inly scars .im using bp as a prevention )and I used bp it was really bad ... I had burning and itching and redness and dryness .. and it made my pimples real dry n hard and ugly looking .. worst two weeks of my life ... ppl actually thought I had a serious skin condition... like potentially life threatening ... it looked that bad ...
  2. redcapz


    Been a really long time since my last entry. .. A tiny update. . My pimples are disappearing .. right now got two on my face! And I get a new one right before my period every month:/ So today I was staring at my face and getting sad at all the marks on there. And then I thought about when those marks used to be horrible infected bumps !!! And u know what id rather have the scars than the bumps .which made me a little happy My derm started doing peels for me she says right now t
  3. redcapz



    completely natural easily available cheap cant be used on active lesions I mix It with honey and grind it just a tad so that its more like a crumbly paste . I use it everyday and it has really helped my skin a lot . The key is to remember to be gentle
  4. redcapz

    Week 4

    Almost t the end of week 4 just a few pimples here and there .. And there's one cyst sitting under my skin I can feel it it's hard an a tad bit painful when I touch it ! M going on a strict diet from today as I gained two kilos So hopefully I lose weight and my acne also gets better Still continuing with the steaming tto and oatmeal honey mask There's been a lot of improvement Ill keep updating this every week If possible . Have a great day
  5. redcapz

    F*** The Acne

    I met one of my friends the other day and discovered that he too has developed acne ! So I was telling her about acne.org and encouraging her to take treatment ! So we spent all of five minutes discussing the acne cuz this was her reply : fuck the acne I don't care about it !! I guess what I learnt from her is .. We shouldn't let acne dominate our lives ! We are still beautiful and can have fun irrespective Have a great day guys
  6. redcapz

    End Of Week 3

    Im taking amoxicillin 1000 mg a day along with the isotretinoin. My IB was pretty bad .. to the point I felt like staying indoors at all times . Its much better now . I guess the amox is stopping any new breakouts . I have continued with my steaming . And now I also apply tto to my face its 15% diluted.. says so on the bottle . I have stopped using any other chemicals on my face apart from my cleanser I feel its unnecessary . Before going to bed I do apply clindamycin. Apart from t
  7. I feel you .. its really really hard to stop picking at the zits. The scabs are worse cuz they look horrible and are really embarassing . But hang in there and dont try to peel tge scab off. It will just make tgings worse .I speak from experience ! If ur face feels raw I suggest you try the honey mask . Just grab honey and slather it all over your face it feels great . I tried moisturising my face when it felt raw and all I ended up with was new zits the very next day
  8. redcapz

    So Depressed

    Thanks for the encouragement guys really appreciate it . This site has helped me so much. Specially when im feeling down I just read all these comments and peoples journeys to clear skin and it helps my mood . Thanks a lot
  9. redcapz

    So Depressed

    Thanks for the encouragement... but its just so so hard .there are some days I wish I was faceless.
  10. redcapz

    So Depressed

    Have to go for a party today .. tried avoiding it .. but I couldnt . So now everybody gets to see my pimples and comment on how my skin turned from flawless to rocky mountains in a span of a month and offer advice on how I should wash my face more... cuz if u have pimples it obviously means ur unhygienic !! And to top it off two new big fat cysts .. yay !!
  11. Wow ur pics have encouraged me to continue with my isotretinoin I'm currently on week 3 and breaking out like crazy . Your skin looks so so great
  12. I know how u feel .. I had perfect skin until a two months ago when I quit birth control ! And then my whole face just went into bump mode I haven't been out anywhere for the past two months!! First thing i do when I wake up is heck my face to see if I have a new zit . But you know what there are worse things in life .. All we have to do is remain strong till the drugs start working . I keep telling myself that after five months ill be clear . Just hang in there .
  13. I am also 21 and I am on isotretinoin (accutane) for around 3 weeks now . Isotretinoin is known to cause menstrual irregularities And also known to cause anemia. Anemia in turn gives rise to heavy and prolonged period which causes more anemia . If u are known to be anemic I suggest you get your hemoglobin checked . I was anemic too and I am currently taking iron supplements . If u dont want to take supplements you can add iron rich foods to your diet (google dietary sources of iron)
  14. Isotretinoin ( accutane ) is known to cause menstrual irregularities . It is also known to cause anemia . And anemia can cause prolonged and heavy periods which inturn gives rise to more anemia . I suggest u get your hemoglobin checked. I am also 21 and on accutane for around 3 weeks now... my period came 10 days earlier than usual but the bleeding was normal just like before and it stopped after five days ... I take regular iron supplements because i was also anemic . If u dont want t
  15. When u apply cream on it u can try putting a band aid over the cream so that it doesnt rub off on ur pillow. Also keep icing. In my experience ice helps ... u can also try honey