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  1. I was using grapeseed oil for a couple of weeks and felt as if it were making my skin more dry, yet giving me small whiteheads that I never usually get. what explains this? I was using the Napa valley organics from whole foods as well.
  2. Finished the summer off right. Went out to eat many times these past few days, eating whatever the f I wanted. Went grocery shopping today. Today is day 1 for me. As of today, I have two zits on left cheek drying up. A tiny one drying up on my right cheek. 3-5 drying up on my chin and two drying up on my forehead. Mind you, I ate a little bit of everything yesterday so a little dairy, gluten, nightshades, etc. Being good from here on out. I will update in a week! Pictures too! I'
  3. This way of eating has helped me too! I've been terrible these past fewdays and my skin has been paying for it!! May I ask if you are taking any supplements? What are you using topically?
  4. How's it going for you?
  5. I've started taking 400 mcg of chromium, but I do every other day. Not sure if this has had an effect yet as its only been about a week. I know my skin Was cclearing up beautifully a few weeks ago when I was eating very low carbs. Then comes birthday after birthday and I end up going out, drinking and eating all sorts of junk. Very next day, two cystic zits and a bunch of other ones!! Because I ate/drank so many different things, its hard to tell if I broke out because my blood sugar spi
  6. Sooo.. just thought I'd use this as a place to track everything I'm doing for my skin. If I log, maybe I'll stay on track! Was doing low gi for a few weeks, my skin was getting so much better. Also started juicing a bit and taking extra supplements... until my best friends bday last week and my bfs bday a couple of days ago. Today, I now have about 6 new zits that just sprouted overnight. Could've been anything really.. lIquor, cookies, burgers, brownies, pizza, etc. I'm starting new
  7. Sooo.. pretty much just using this to log my improvements/set backs. Lol. . Went out last night for my bfs bday. That will be the last tome I go out for a long while. I told myself I deserve to have fin. So I drank and went out to eat with everyone else. I woke up this morninh with two cystic zits on my jaw that were not there last night. I ate a burger, fries, and red velvet pancakes. Today I had some chinese and I will be going out for dinner and dessert later. I know my skin is going to pay f
  8. Skins looking very good again since enjoying myself last week. .I had maybe 10 new zits after not having any new breakouts for almost a couple of weeks. Drank crap, ate crap, brokeout tremendously. Now that I've been back on track , all my zits, except for one, are gone! Somethings definitely been working, I rarely get new zits and the ones I do get heal extremely fast! On another note, its boyfriends snd bestfriends bday tonight. Were all going out..I'm sure I'm going to have a drink. I'm th
  9. Hi I'm wondering if you know if protein and fats spike blood sugar. I know you say to eat an anti-inflammatory blood sugar stabilizing diet. I currently only eat under 60 grams of carbs a day. However, to get my calories up, I eat a lot of healthy fats and meat. I doeat a lot of fatty meats too. What do your meals typically look like? Thank you!
  10. Gluten, soy, dairy, and caffeine free diet Things I do eat on the regular (everything is organic BTW): White fish (tilapia, cod), chicken, sweet potatoes, every kind of fruits and veggies, almonds, almond butter, almond milk, eggs, smart balance as butter substitute, Koala Krisp gluten-free cereal... I don't really stray from those foods. My diet is very limited only because I choose it to be that way. That was an ok list right up until the last two items.Smart balance is an organic conglome
  11. Clinique jacked my skin up. I worked for them. That's when all my f'in acne issues started. I used the ddmg. I would NEVER advise anyone, unless they are NOT prone to acne, to use their products. Not even their acne solutions line.
  12. So, I started using grapeseed oil...napa valley naturals from whole foods. Last. Night, I put some on my chin and jawline only because that's where I broke out. I'm still afraid to put it all over my face. Anyone else use this? I still use jojoba as well for the rest of my face. The brand for that is dessert essence. .. What does everyone else use?
  13. Well, didn't take long for me to break out. Two underneath both sides of my jawline and about four on my chin. Only one is what I would really call cystic. I haven't broken out like this in over a month, until falling off track the past week during my time off work. And no its not mytime of the month, not for a couple weeks. I guarantee this is because something I ate, lack of sleep and alcohol. Ill keep an update!