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  1. haha. i really hope that my stay here will be too short. im 22 now and im still dealing w/ acne ](*,) when will it end?
  2. man, i really thought that i wouldnt be back here. but here i am again half a yr later back on accutane ... actually sotret, its a generic version this time. newayz. just wanted to say hi again. fuck
  3. i doubt its gonna come back. it really is just 3 tiny zits--before i had cystic acne. all in all, im glad to have a lil bit of oil come back. especially during the winter. i think having very little acne is better than having a super dried out face
  4. ok, its been 1.5 mos since ive finished tane ... so far, ive only had 3 zits pop up since then ... and they were all very small. nothing like before at all. the problem now is that my face is still kinda red. it has gotten a lot better, but its still looks somewhat irritated. for those of u who have finished tane long, long ago ... when did the redness subside? and for those of u who are deciding whether u should go on tane or not ... i say go for it.
  5. i think its worse. but then again, retina did nothing for me. it actually made my skin worse.
  6. yea. my skin is relatively clear. i just got a pimple on my nose yesterday. besides that one, i havent gotten a pimple in a long time. i just hope that the red marks on my cheeks begin to fade soon.
  7. ok ppl, by this sat., ill be done w/ accutane. if any of u have any questions, ill be happy to answer them. also, does anyone know when the redness/dryness subsides after discontinuation? thats it for now. bye.
  8. ive been on tane for almost 4 months now, and ive noticed that my pores have gotten larger, especially on my nose. has anyone else noticed this? for those who have, and have already completed tane, did this go away?
  9. just give it a try, if u dont like it just quit.
  10. ive always wondered, can guys get hormonal acne? and if so, how is it treated?
  11. if ur only starting off w/ 20mg a day, how long would it take you to finish? a year?
  12. ahhh...im getting a lil bit frustrated...im already on my 3rd month of tane and im still breaking out (i just got 2 huge cysts today)...and on top of that my face is red like a tomato...i thought i would have cleared up by now...on the plus side i think a lot of my other side effects have subsided
  13. ive experienced some hair loss too, when did u start accutane?