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  1. Significant oil reduction and skin is pretty much clear. I had like 3 pimples which had developed just prior to restarting and they're all already healed. On 20mg/day, I'll prob drop down to every other day in a couple of weeks.
  2. So here I am, back at the log. I've been off accutane for about 2 1/2 months now. My skin is doing decently, although I'm pretty sure the acne is starting back. I've started accumulating a bit of oil around my nose and have developed some very small pimples around the area. I'm happy to report that my vision got back to normal within 3 or 4 weeks of stopping the tane last time and all is well. My derm said that side effect was most likely brought about due to excess drinking while on tane. Any
  3. 20/m - been on anywhere from 20 - 80 mg for a total of 22 months To answer the question: HELLS NAW!
  4. They made ephedra illegal for a reason: its dangerous. Go to the gym and restrict your caloric intake, you don't need dangerous supplements to help you lose weight. Good luck.
  5. There is limited information about how Accutane affects bone density. You DEFINITELY should not worry to the point where you drop the class. No one has ever experienced decreased bone density to the point where their bones became like brittle. I wouldn't worry about it at all. I've been on 3 courses and worked out during all 3. Had no increased soreness or decreased recovery. Have fun getting clear skin!
  6. Day 265? Wow, been a long time. Got some bad news though...I stopped taking accutane about 5 days ago. About 6 weeks ago I dropped down to 40mg/day, two weeks later i dropped to 20mg/day and since then I had been taking 20mg every other day or so. My skin has been fine but I began having vision problems. You know the feeling when you're trying to read but you're really tired and can't keep things in focus, well I was experiencing that all the time. I had no eye pressure or head aches or anythin
  7. Day 179 Well I'm still on the tane, although I haven't been all that consistent with my dosing. I try to take 20mg in the morning and 40mg at night, but on fridays I usually only take 20mg in the morn cuz I go to parties at night and then I usually will take 40mg on saturday, but like it I said its pretty inconsistent. I've gotten 2 pimples within the last 30 days. They both were good size whiteheads but they popped pretty easily and the mark was gone in a day or 2. Its a bit disconcerting that
  8. Ha, I actually had this during my first course. Its not big deal, went away fairly quickly after ending the first course. I'm on my 4th course now and it has never come back.
  9. During my first course of accutane, every time I moved up to a higher dosage I broke out and became more inflamed. Eventually by around the 5th month I was clear. I know its tough for you as a mom and for him as an acne sufferer, but please stay the course with accutane. If you can ride out these tough times theres a great chance he will experience close to 100% clarity towards the end of the treatment, I know because it was my experience. Good luck!
  10. Day 149 Long time no post. Things have been going very well for me. I've been busy with getting used to my new school and meeting people and stuff, and best of all is the fact that I've been able to do it all uninhibited due to my clear skin. I haven't gotten a pimple for about a month now and its been great. I've drank a few times since starting back to school and I've had no adverse reactions at all. The days I drank I just didn't take my accutane. I'm quite happy that I can go out and be soc
  11. Terrible news man. Looks like accutane once again stands alone.
  12. andersoj, any word on how the procedure went? I'm sure you're busy with school and stuff but when you get a chance definitely tell us how things went/are going. Thanks man, I'll hope for the best!
  13. Pretty great stuff to hear andersoj. Its nice to learn more about this whole thing seeing as the info online is quite limited. Strange that they still haven't decided on a price. Hopefully you don't show up at your appointment and have them tell you that with the before/after discount it comes to $10,000.
  14. So what happened today andersoj? By the way, sorry about the cyst man. I really wish I knew why people like us can't be cured for life by a full course of tane like so many others, but at least we clear while on it. Anyway, hopefully you'll have some good news to report.
  15. For some people yes. For others no.