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  1. Acne.org's treatment is golden. There's nothing as effective I swear. But I just ran out of it and my next order doesn't come in until next Thursday!!! What should I use then for the next 5 or so days. Is neutrogena's BP similar? I don't want to break out again.
  2. I just ordered 8 oz BP today and chose standard delivery which says it takes 3-8 days to ship. From people's experiences, which range of the spectrum has it been for you? Also, is it still possible to change to expedited(2-6 days) and is it worth it?
  3. I recently bought cerave cleanser and moisturizer to substitute for the acne.org ones. They work great but I've been getting a lot of mosquito like bumps on my face. However these bumps pop up well after I've used the products like 5 hours. Could it be an allergic reaction? Or could it actually be mosquito bites?
  4. When I moved into college on aug.20, my skin was pretty clear and I was happy with my skin. Now just one week later, my acne has gotten extremely worse! I even have pimples on my forehead which is never get. I still use the same products(BP wash then clindamycin and then moisturizer). I guess the only difference is I barely have gotten sleep the past week and my washing times have changed a lot. I used to do my routine at 9AM and then 10 PM. Now it's like 3 AM and 4 PM. Could lack of sleep and d
  5. would anyone working in a walgreens be able to help me with my skin tone lol?
  6. What does everyone think of having a sales assistant at a walgreens help me pick out a skin tone?
  7. I sent you a message Sarah! Anyone else wanna give me some advice?
  8. lol the weird thing is when the liquidy things comes out of the container, it actually looks much darker than my skin but when I spread it around, it's pretty lighter than my skin. Why is that? Sorry, I have no experience with any of this. Oh and how do I post a pic?
  9. lol it's cause I'm leaving for college in 3 days and I don;t have enough time to order online! Also, I might make the mistake of picking the wrong skin tone again!
  10. So I decided to try out concealer today because i've been breaking out and I'm gonna move in to college soon. gotta make a good impression . I decided beforehand I wanted the Neutrogena Skin Clearing Blemish Concealer, but was too scared to have someone help me pick a skin tone(there are only 4 choices by the way). I got one I thought looked right(Buff 09), but it actually was too light(I think). It was def noticeable. So tomorrow I'm gonna go get a different one. Should I choose light or medium
  11. OmG. I applied those two things last night and this morning my acne looked worse than ever! Seriously, I feel like it went from mild to moderate acne in just one night. What should I Do!!!!!
  12. The weird thing is my skin never EVER gets dry or flaky anymore. It used to quite a bit when I used proactive or any salicyclic acid wash. The thing that cured my dryness seemed to be the clindamycin lotion which is weird. Now no matter what i put on my face, even BP, my face doesn't get dry even if I don't put Clindamycin lotion on. Is this normal?
  13. Thanks! The reviews on this BP cleanser were good . So would using a BP cleanser and then applying the lotion basically be mimicking the prescriptions that combine them (like duac)?