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  1. kimdyoo


  2. I really hope it gets better.... well now i actually started using bha toner from CVS alcohol free! And im swiping my skin with the sweeps every morning and night. Today is my second day and yesterday i realized that i have alot of flaking and left over residue after cleansing (im a guy and i dont put on any makeup). Toner seems to be getting rid of alot of the residue and it feels quite fresh that all those junk is swiped out of my face. Any ideas on toners and specifically the toner
  3. I dont know then..... this could actually mean that i'll be on this regimen for the next few months and i might not be able to have clear skin. This sounds pretty discouraging.... i've used so many products so far and if this regimen doesnt work on me now.... i'll be so depressed.... somedays im just cranky and sensitive all day because of my acne.
  4. Hellow fellow acne.org regimen users, i would like to make a thread about my acne breakout which started after i started my regimen. The first week~week 4 horrible severe acne.... with cysts and whiteheads all over my face. Now im 6 weeks in and i just got a severe breakout about few days ago and im afraid that this girl i talked to last week when i had better skin will have a bad impression of me due to my skin... so i want all of you acne fighter's hint on when this initial breakout will sto