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  1. Are they clearing your acne? Stick with it til it clears and then wind it down gradually.
  2. Just don't eat TOO many! Moderation with ALL fruits. An apple evry two days etc
  3. Hmm, hold the front page...
  4. This regime is still working for me. Two hot dips morning and night, plus a brief cleanse after work. No breakouts and no irritations. One thing only slightly bothers me: I cannot dip my neck!
  5. So far this is working for me. I dump my face in reasonably hot water for 100 seconds, that's all. I have even missed the dreaded reaction to stopping BP, too. Plus I have grown some stubble without irritation for the first time in 5 years. I will keep it up, and keep you posted. Does the original poster still remain clear??
  6. Good work-can we ask how many cups of hot water you drank, and how bad your acne was? Thanks a million.
  7. This is surely major news and needs sticking. People in the UK are in trouble. Mial order is all very well, but it costs such a packet. Lots of thinking to be done. How a product can be banned in one civilise western country andnot in another is puzzling.That's the EU for you.
  8. Keyword colon cleanse in to this forum and read the avrious threads. Psyllium Husks are a gentle start, and make you super regular.
  9. Can't you two take this fish oil thing somewhere else? It's kind of messing up Dan's blog. Eat fresh fucking fish for God's sake, and have done with it! :-)
  10. Ps Copied and pasted obviously! But some salient points well made.
  11. How to cure Acne Naturally Take it from a guy who was afflicted with acne for close to 8 years…this image distorting skin crisis characterized by bumps, excessively oily or dry skin and an accompanying low self-esteem (in most cases) is simply horrifying. The good news is acne, like a myriad of diseases, can easily be controlled and eventually cured by all natural, drugless methods; you only need to be shown how and apply them. Enlarge ImageDo you look in the mirror and see bumps, bumps and