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  1. missO88

    Update-Just Over Three Months

    Hey all... It has been a WHILE since I last posted.. I have been super stressed with my new job and have had no time at all!! I have to admit.. I have become a bit lazy with the regimen... most nights I apply the treatment but I forget to moisturiser but I have applied it every morning. I have also skipped it some nights and used a moisturising mask. I know this is naughty.. but even still my skin has improved a lot! Also.. on the note of adding new things to the regimen.. I ha
  2. missO88

    Two Months! (Pics)

    your skin has improved so much! How often do you use AHA?
  3. missO88

    Day 26

    Soo.. I typed up a long post only to realise it had been deleted.. argh!! this is now just going to be short and to the point. Last week- experienced extreme dryness on my neck which died down. Skin seems to be a lot more flat and has gotten used to BP so have introduced AHA today.. half AHA with half moisturiser and some jojoba. I have attached some pictures of my face!!! Thanks for reading & looking! xx
  4. missO88

    My Background

    Hi, I'm not entirely sure about the treatments you have been getting. I have had acne for over ten years nearly, and have tried a LOT of things. Having to go for treatments every two weeks does sound costly. I started using the acne.org regimen and have good results so far. Its a bit costly to get it from the UK but im sure its probably not as much as what your spending at the moment. Have you looked into it:
  5. missO88

    Day 15...

    thanks .. where do you get the vegetable glycerin from?
  6. missO88

    Day 15...

    Not a massive amount of change in the past few days. I have had a few whiteheads pop up. The spots I do get are small and dont hang around for long. Since starting the regimen I have not had any painful big ones which is a plus sign. I think I am getting my dryness under control, and I have gone back to using the acne.org moisturiser which is working fine for me now. I dont know if the boots one helped with the dryness or if I am slowly moving past that stage??? My skin still feels tight
  7. missO88

    First Week: Day 6

    Hey good to hear you are making progress! Im on day 14.. my face used to burn when i applied the BP/moisturiser but it doesnt so much now! Although my eyes burn like crazy sometimes!!
  8. missO88

    10 Weeks On The Regimen...with Pics

    Hey, was really motivating reading your posts and looking at your pictures. It's amazing how different your skin look & I'm really happy for you . I really hope I can get to that stage at some point. Also reading that you stayed clear using only one pump is good to hear. I found using anything more than that was way too much for my skin to absorb.. but was a bit worried one pump may not be enough to clear my skin. Fingers crossed it works for me!
  9. missO88

    My Acne History And First Update

    Thanks for reading
  10. missO88

    Day 13- Grease Galore

    Hi all, So it has been 13 days since I started the regimen. I feel like I have noticed a difference in my skin since my last post. Last week my skin was suffering from so much redness and dryness it was horrid. My skin felt so rough and I kept having to motivate myself to continue with this. Due to it being the summer I have been at home since starting this regimen, and will be untill September. So being without make up has not bothered me that much. I have left the house makeup free a fe
  11. missO88

    Honey Mask

    In the past I switched my face wash for honey. I used to wash my face with manuka honey in the morning and evening, and do a face mask every so often. The first time I started doing this is definatley calmed my skin and helped my breakouts. It is a bit strange at first washing your face with honey, but I read really good things about it
  12. missO88

    Still Flaky And Burns

    Hi, I'm only 11 days into the regimen- so not as far as you!! After the initial few days my skin was very tight and flakey. For me dans moisturiser wasnt doing anything, even though I was mixing jojoboa oil into it!! I guess the products arent suited to everyones skin. Ive changed my moisturiser to boots daily derma care moisturiser, in the evening I add 1-2 drops of jojoboa oil into it. Every other day I have also been massaging jojoboa oil into my skin for about 5 mins then I leave it
  13. missO88

    Acne.org Moisturiser

    Hi everyone, Apologies if this has been done before.. I did have a little search before I typed up this post! I have been on the regimen for a week today, I know it is early days yet! I have super super dry, red and itchy skin. Im not so fussed about the redness or the itchyness as I know this is part of the process. However when applying dans moisturiser I feel like it is doing NOTHING. I use a pump and have also added drops of jojoboa oil. When I put it on my face it takes forever to
  14. missO88

    My Acne History And First Update

    I'm not wearing make up in the second pictures. the lighting in my house isnt amazing and the pictures seem to be blurring the redness. I look like a tomatoe at the moment!! xx
  15. missO88

    My Acne History And First Update

    Hi all, I have never documented my acne journey online, so this is the first time I have done something. I have suffered from acne for a very long time, it started when I was in primary school probably towards the later years and I am still suffering from it. I have had it for over 10 years. I have tried a LOT of medications, topical and antibiotics from the doctors. I was then sent to a derm, who again prescribed me many things. I cant even remember half of the stuff but I have been on