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  1. MorphingMermaid

    The Never Ending Battle

    I am struggling to remain optimistic about controlling my acne. Since I can remember I've always had some form of acne, but as of two years ago I started getting cystic acne along my cheeks which left me with a considerable amount of scarring (both hyper pigmentation and indentations). For the most part, I was not developing these painful cysts along my cheeks anymore which made me feel hopeful. Fast forward to about a week ago and I have cysts on both cheeks yet again. I try my best to be gentle on that area when washing my face to avoid irritating it more, but it seems just using warm water has caused one of my cysts to pop. I feel inclined to not care sometimes because I just feel like I have all this scarring anyways so what's one more to add to my collection? I really hate how acne seems to dictate my confidence or lack there of. I don't think I am nearly as approachable as I could be if I didn't have this crap on my face. It's frustrating to think I am allowing this to keep me from feeling comfortable around others and that I feel the need to act so insecure because of it. I just started Lo-loestren about 2 weeks ago along with Bactrim and will also be starting Spiro pretty soon. I really hope these breakouts I'm having are just my body getting used to the medication, but it's so incredibly frustrating at my age to be what seems like the only person in a crowd to have this problem.
  2. MorphingMermaid

    My Story

    Hey Porter114706, I can completely relate to what you are going through with your skin. I have been struggling with cystic acne for the past 3 years or so and it has made me feel very self conscious at times-especially in social situtations. I have some indented scars on my cheeks and redness which left me feeling disfigured, but I'm at a point now where I feel comfortable enough to go out in public without trying to cover it up with makeup. I know acne can be such a confidence killer but there is more to you than just your acne. You have beautiful blue eyes and such pretty hair so you should accentuate those things and try not to focus so much on your acne. And as far as the guys...I'm sure there are plenty of them who would love to go out with you. You just gotta be willing to give yourself that chance to let others see past your imperfections. Best of luck with the spironolactone, I'm supposed to be starting that myself soon. Keep us posted!
  3. MorphingMermaid

    Spironolactone/ Birth Control

    My dermatologist recommended I try going on Spironolactone for my adult cystic acne but she said I need to go on birth control first. For any of the ladies that have been on this medication before, did you have to go on birth control beforehand? I know for Accutane you do, but I'm a little surprised it's needed for this medication cause from what I understood it's supposed to treat blood pressure.
  4. MorphingMermaid

    Rolling Scars

    Was wondering if anyone has had any success in reducing their scarring with any sort of facial peels and if so what kind. I have been dealing with rolling scars on my cheeks for about 2 years and have been looking into possibly getting some type of laser treatment or subcision in the future but am wondering if there are some less expensive alternatives to try in the meantime. I'm not really sure how I feel about subcision as it seems rather invasive but from what I've read so far it seems to be one of the better options in reducing rolling scars. For those of you that have had any of these procedures, any thoughts?
  5. MorphingMermaid

    Cystic Acne For 7 Years

    For the redness at least, you might try giving aloe vera a shot. I used the pulp of the aloe vera on my face at night and even drank aloe vera juice mixed with OJ and I noticed some improvement in the redness of my skin. I haven't gone on Accutane myself although my dermatologist recommended it to me but I'm guessing you had to go on birth control beforehand. It could be something to look into, I'm supposed to be trying the spironolactone in a few months but was told I need to be on birth control first.
  6. MorphingMermaid

    Acne Scar Removal

    Hi everyone, I recently joined acne.org to see what type of feedback I can get from those of you who have already had some type of scar treatment done and what your experience was like. About my scarring: On both cheeks- I am not sure what the exact classification would be but based on my own research they seem to be predominantly rolling scars ( appear more prominent under certain lighting and unnoticeable in other). My acne is still curently being treated with antibiotics and topical creams but it is under control for the most part now. Any recommendations, past experiences (pos/neg) is much appreciated. Thanks!
  7. MorphingMermaid

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