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  1. im not sure, im only in my 1st week on the regiment, ...i know a few poeple that has 99% success (or so they claim, lol) but im not sure if they have either oily skin or sensitive skin Is there anyone out there in this category with 90+% success??? ..any advice?
  2. For those of you that have sensitive skin, How long did it take for your skin to ADJUST to applying BP TWICE a day? (e.g day + nite) From the previous posts, it seems most of US (senstitive skin ppl) manage to apply BP only at nite, once a week, alternate days , etc....BUT IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE THAT ACTUALLY MANAGED TO REV THE DOSAGE UP TO 2x A DAY? How long did it take for your skin to get used to it? 2 months? 3 months? 4 months? etc (i hope your reply will give us some hope, so we dun g