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  1. Week 34 Hi everyone! Still loving the regimen. I rarely break out anymore, and if I do, it's 1 or 2 pimples that are easily covered with makeup. I actually get complimented on my skin now! With makeup on, my skin looks flawless. I even recently got a job in my field as a new graduate. I could look my interviewer in the eye without feeling embarrassed, allowing me to speak confidently.. I even got offered 10k more than what I had asked for! Thank you Dan, you have seriously changed my life fo
  2. Same thing happened to me! I spent the month of July in Europe with 90-95% clear skin, and didn't wash my makeup off at all some days (partying until 8am does that to ya!), yet still managed not to break out. Back home to Canada and my skin starts breaking out pretty much overnight (although mild and manageable thanks to the regimen)… I think it has something to do with what Europe allows in their food in terms of chemicals.. and maybe the water? Water in Europe felt more gentle on my skin, as c
  3. Thank you! It's nice to see that this thread is helping some people out there . That's the whole reason why I started taking photos every few weeks. How's the regimen working for you? Thanks so much! I'm really surprised at how much of a difference it has made in my skin, although I still break out occasionally, it's bearable. What did you find that worked for you if you don't mind me asking?? And the Pond's sounds great, I've seen it around and always eye it but my cerave has been working gr
  4. I swear, some cysts just will NOT leave without them…. Thank god for cortisone shots. LOL.
  5. I had a huge cyst on my forehead, lingering on my face for 2 weeks, with no looks of it going down. It literally felt like a marble under my skin how deep it was, although only slightly raised and easily covered with makeup. I leave on vacation this weekend. I decided to call my derm and get a cortisone shot today. She drained it first, she poked the needle sooo deep I literally felt it go through multiple layers of skin, and right when she took the needle out, pus came gushing out. She said "th
  6. That's definitely cystic acne. Take ibuprofen, ice it and whatever you do, don't pick. If you're allergic to BP, i recommend using a sulfur mask to help calm down the spots.
  7. Week 22 I am not a happy camper. I started using jojoba oil on my skin 2 weeks ago and my skin has broken out once again, right before I go away on vacation. I fucking hate acne, it truly rules my life and makes me so miserable and angry. I now have a huge cyst on my forehead, one on my chin, and 3 small zits, with lots of hyperpigmentation. Just wonderful! One step forward, 10 steps back. My skin was doing SO well before this fucking jojoba oil. If anyone is reading this, I HIGHLY recommend
  8. The exact same thing happened to me about a month and a half ago. Sadly, the spot hasn't gotten any better. I tried not touching it as it was healing, it would scab over and become a raised dry red spot, but acne started to form around it and it got very itchy… I scratched it and it came off again, leaving a swollen hole once again. UGH!!!! So irritating….
  9. Rub jojoba oil every night, and mix it with your moisturizer after cleansing.
  10. I used to order the BP off amazon, but it seems the 8oz is no longer available to ship to Canada. Atleast that's what it said last time I tried to order…. I ended up buying a 16oz bottle instead, I will have to pour them into smaller containers as I will be travelling and can't afford to bring such a huge amount of product. But overall, the shipping on amazon.com is much better value than ordering directly off this site.
  11. Thanks for the encouragement! Most have gone away in 3 days or so . I definitely won't stop the regimen - no way! I will admit though, I may have aggravated my skin by picking/itching my face prior to the breakout, so I've reintroduced jojoba oil to my skin.
  12. I've ordered the acne.org BP treatment 3 times already, and suddenly now, as I tried to process my order 5 minutes ago, I was told that this product no longer ships to Canada…. This is a huge setback!!! Not a happy camper.
  13. My skin was perfectly clear about 3 days ago.. now I've suddenly broken out with 2 nodules and 3-4 smaller zits.. What's the deal? I haven't changed anything and have been sticking to the regimen to the T. Any ideas anyone?
  14. +1 for me too! After literally a decade of dermatologist visits and thousands of dollars in the drain, finally I found something that has helped control my acne and keep it at bay…. for half the cost. Thank you Dan!
  15. your skin is beautiful, really. have you given the regimen a try?