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  1. Happy new year! Two years ago today I took the last pill of my Accutane course, everything is still the same, my face has remained clear, had no problems whatsoever. Hope you guys are doing great and I wish you the best of luck!
  2. 1 year and 6 months since I took the last pill of my course, everything is still going great! best of luck to all of you!
  3. Happy new year! Today marks 1 year since I took the last pill of my course. Everything is still smooth, no papules, nodules, cysts etc., my face is clear. Hope everyone is doing great, good luck to all of you!
  4. thank you very much. I'll talk to my derm and I'll make a decision, I'll make a thread as well. thanks again, good luck!
  5. thank you, don't know if you've tried, but you can click on the photo, click on full size on bottom left and then there's a magnifying glass to zoom in. do you know anything about Emax laser? I'm going to ask my main derm about my scars later next month as well. how bad would you say my scars are? thanks again!
  6. Hello, guys! Hope everyone is doing well around here. So, I finished an Accutane course 9 months ago, it worked really well but unfortunately I have been left with scars. Last time I spoke to my derm was about 6 months ago and we talked about a session of Emax laser in the autumn, to see if it does well on my skin. Because of my schedule, I can't get an appointment for little while, so I went to a different clinic I wanted to go for a while, just to see what they say, too, since I didn't have an
  7. thank you, yeah. I'm going to ask my derm about it, hopefully my skin remains clear, Accutane worked wonders for me so far.
  8. Hello! I finished a course of Accutane 9 months ago and I'm about to go to the derm to see what options I have to treat my scars. What are the chances the acne comes back after laser/other scar treatment? Should I be worried? Thank you, guys!
  9. thanks man, but I don't like to shave also, I haven't gotten any bumps/ingrown hairs after trimming my beard for months now, it's going good there as well thanks though
  10. 4 months post Accutane update: things go smooth as always, my face is the same as it was while I was taking Accutane. Went to my derm to discuss about my scars, she advised me it would be better to start the laser treatment in the autumn, when there won't be as sunny outside. So I'll probably go in September. Good luck to all of you!
  11. Here are some photos of my scars, day and night. My scars start to look worse like 8 hours after I wake up. The quality of the photos is pretty bad, I also have some rolling scars on my cheeks, they look pretty bad at night. If I can fix them to look something like 30-50% better with laser or w/e, I'll be happy. I'm still super grateful I don't have acne anymore, my face has never been so clear for such a long period of time in the last 6 years or so. photos:
  12. My scars improved, but just a little bit. My derm said my scars and red marks will improve even more now that I'm finished with the treatment, but still, they look pretty bad 6-7 hours after I've woken up and my skin is not puffy/swollen anymore. I'll try to post some pictures taken in the evening and morning as well.
  13. Happy new year! I'm going to take the last pill today, 1 year and 3 months completed, 6900 mg of Roaccutane, so 100mg/kg. No papules, nodules, cysts etc. for more than a year now, my course has been fantastic, I haven't been bothered by the medicine at all. Hopefully my face remains clear. Got a derm appointment in 2 months, and 3 months total until I can start laser treatment for my scars. My scars are barely noticeable for 5-6 hours after I wake up, but afterwards they look pretty bad. Best of
  14. 1 year and 2 months completed: Total: 6860 mg of Roaccutane, have to take 4 pills more. Things are going smoothly as always, nothing new to report. Good luck to all of you!
  15. My derm told me to moisturize as rarely as possible and let my skin heal properly on the medicine, so give that a shot. If that doesn't work, just have patience and keep on taking the medicine.