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  1. Thank you for your imput HeftyMug. I guess i'm just skeptical of 80mg (half of what i'm on now) being able to finish off my acne (the few on my chest have been there for a while and just don't want to disappear). My derm offered kenalog injections for them, but she said it's to help with irritation and pain associated with the acne. They aren't painful or anything, so I turned her offer down. I guess after 5 months of such high dosages I hoped to be seeing more results.
  2. I am about to finish my 5th month of Accutane (i finish month 5 in about 5 days). Here is my dosage (I weigh about 200 lbs): month 1: 40mg month 2: 80mg month 3: 120mg month 4: 120mg month 5: 160mg My acne was pretty severe before accutane (on my face, chest, and back). Now five months of accutane later my face is mostly clear, and my back has improved too. My chest is still being pretty stubborn though. My biggest problem is scarring right now (I have more scars than I do acne). My