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    Dread to think the amount of money i have spent over the years on products to help my skin
  1. Unfortunately living in the UK its not that simple if only it was we have gp's and for anything else you are referred dermatology is a 5mth waiting time . There are no annual womens physicals and the dr's dont care less im still on roaccutane giving it one last push . My hormonal blood tests all normal but mine is always during ovulation and week before period . A previous derm said all acne is hormonal but i just dont seem to get very far with them . Will discuss spiro on next visit but the
  2. You can have an AMH test which is a blood test or you can have an internal ultrasound scan , although it scan best done early in cycle AMH can be done anytime. Saying that egg levels do vary from cycle to cycle You never know what mine are this cycle but if fertility important to you then be cautious apart from that ive only have minor dry lips no side effects at all Depends also on age as to ovarian reserve To be honest i had such shambolic treatment at the hospital who knows
  3. Yes i believe it to be true i have diminished ovarian reserve im only late 30s i have taken one course of 4 mths of accutane 2011 back on it 2nd time due to relapse i dont want kids so not an issue but for any woman wanting kids i wouldnt take it personally . I have an ovarian reserve of 25% of what it should be for my age accutane changed my periods while i was on it and had missed periods currently i have a brown discharge day 12 had this last course so if you want kids i wouldnt take
  4. Hi All I live in London , UK here we have the NHS and things arent just simple pay and go see a dematologist i wish it was. Im on a course of accutane 2nd time round first time 2011 relapsed i have cystic acne. I have read somewhere about a cumulative dose of 120mg -150mg/kg for best chance not to relapse i never got to the this first time round. Question is im almost at end of 120 days of treatment acne vastly improved no cysts (but been here before) My dermatologist said to boo
  5. I have had hormonal acne for years over 20 im on my 2nd course of accutane i relapsed the first time only 9 mths later. Im on 60mg a day i have had blood tests , test for PCOS all negative im looking at trying spiro if i relapse again on accutane . Apart from a dry nose and drier skin havent had any side effects this time round by all means give accutane a try if spiro fails but its not a miracle cure especially for hormonal acne. Dont get my started on the NHS you wait months to get an app
  6. I have that problem that i can have a spot come from like an old spot under the skin not a completely new one. Sorry to hear it is still bad can you stay on it for longer ? Im virtually all clear month 3 but i have relapsed before so who knows long term, hope that you can get it sorted what is your dermatologist like are they proactive or not bothered ? I think if you have a good dermatologist that can make all the difference accutane doesnt work for everyone its not a miracle cure that
  7. Well i can tell you guys for women its the exact opposite even though apparently men can do what they like when they are on accutane ! Its only women who need to be careful but since i have been on it my drive has gone through the roof but my baseline drive is high anyway love it when the derm says each time are you having any sex
  8. Hi I broke out week 3 and it was horrendous even went to my dr couldnt see the dermatologist as didnt have an appt till 6 wks time ( you cant just see someone here in the uk ) The breakout lasted 10 days and since then i have had minor spots but still had some but they arent as cystic as before. I guess you will know its an initial breakout if alot worse than usual mine was horrendous painful horrible but all over now. This is my second time on accutane relapsed after 9 mths before so fing
  9. Do dermatologists prescribe it ? When i asked my dermatologist about it she was very dismissive . I dont know anyone on spironolactone , so hard to get referred and then the wait for dermatology where i live is a bad joke They can prescribe it, but most won't. If you already know someone in the UK on it, I would ask who their doc is.
  10. Sorry to hear that you are feeling this way , i dont think you are single due to acne scars as if that was the case then people who have acne scars/active acne etc would never date get married have kids etc and they do. Tbh personality and personal achievement in a man is alot more important than looks, women are more interested in being with someone they can have a laugh with , conversation with. Personally i would say that young fit guys good looking they are ten a penny im sure you arent that
  11. Hi everyone Im on accutane for a 2nd time round relapsed first time after about 9 mths. I have hormonal acne definetely linked to periods and ovulation i want to try spiro is this something that a GP in the UK can prescribe ? Not had any real side effect from accutane but dont want to keep having to go back on as the list of donts is too long for my liking Emma
  12. Did it make your acne a little less worse ( aka killed blackheads or cystic acne ) and manageable? I ain't looking for a cure, but topicals clearly don't work on deep, under the skin acne or red papule like flat acne that's inflamed. The medical profession isn't going to do anything for me so I'm just interested in taking care of the skin part i've wasted a lot of money on stuff Yes accutane has definetely helped with the cystic acne the spots are not as painful and there arent as many maybe
  13. Hi I have acne which is period related i have a breakout during ovulation and the week before my period. Im currently on accutane this is my second time around i was on the first course late 2011 it took me 9 mths after coming off it to relapse so im back on accutane im doing the high dose regime. Tbh i have read that accutane doesnt help hormonal acne i have been proactive in trying to get to the root cause PCOS has been ruled out get this checked out first, nothing has been found and tbh
  14. I have had bloods taken on 11 different occassions multiple things tested for and at multiple times didnt help one bit , even had an ultrasound scan everything found to be normal so no further forward in finding out why i have acne Hormone levels can also fluctuate widely cycle to cycle good luck What are you being tested for ? good luck with it all xx
  15. Im on accutane for the second time , i have hormonal cystic acne along the jawline , chin and lower cheeks. I relapsed after a yr after the first course of accutane and the spots came back as bad as before im looking into hormonal solutions have had all bloods and all hormones are normal but cant take bcp as too old apparently as never taken it before in my life and too old to start first time on it late 30s Its up to you but have a good long think and do your research i find most derms are