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  1. Hi everyone, Wonder what is people's opinion on using a cleanser with 3% glycolic in it, well down the list of ingredients. I know aha are not recommended for rosacea skin (generally) but i've also read that a 3% concentration would be more like a binding agent as opposed to a strong exfoliator.
  2. I have very very mild acne problems, i'm on zinc though so not really a problem, just the rosacea around my nose really. I know some of my triggers are alcho and bad food i imagine sun too but as of yet i do not know, I live in ireland which is dull or rainy most of the time. I guess i just have to try spf 30 when i'm out there and see what happens, it's going to kill me if my skin can't take it though. Always wanted somewhere we i could go on holiday anytime. thanks for your thoughts.
  3. Hi folks well after the initial exciting of finding out that my family now owns a home on the algarve in portugal I am now wondering whether it will be any use to me or not. Now I know I have rosacea and I know I will have to cover up, but 'come on' - the algarve, extreme heat, 3000 hours of sun a year!!! Am I doomed to flare up everytime I go out there or is there some hope that I could actually enjoy time out there (flare ups make me very depressed by the way in case ya hadn't guessed)....
  4. jamesonX

    best form of zinc for rosacea

    Thanks for the reply, you don't mention if you had good results of zinc calcium or zinc magnesium, I'd be weary of zinc calcium anyhow, as that is the reason so many acne sufferers are advised to stay away from diary products. It is possibly not the best choice. Anyone else have any views on the best zinc? I've read that Gluconate is not well absorbed when taking with certain foods... Not seeing much results with zinc as a whole at the moment anyhow.
  5. jamesonX

    zinc deficiency

    Hi folks, I have read lots and lots of threads about people saying white marks and white spots on fingernails is a sign of zinc deficiency, however I have yet to see even one photo of 'deficient fingernails' . I suffer from rosacea and mild acne and want your thoughts on this issue. I have attached scans of my lefthand fingers and of my righthand fingers, can anyone in the know, let me know what they think. [attachmentid=2279] [attachmentid=2280] Thanks very much.
  6. Well I looked into this through Google a little bit last night, but a lot of pages on the web say gluconate and then a lot say picolinate, some pages mentioned others but not in the same amount. So I thought I would ask the 'experts' as such, the people with experience. Personally I 'am unsure, I have used picolinate form before with good success, been on gluconate for a 3 weeks now with little or no improvements. I seen sites that say pincolinate is the best absorbed but most expensive and
  7. ok thanks for the replies people (once again the automatic notification of replies did not work for me..) not to sure what the chemical name for green tea extract is so I could'nt tell from the ingredients if its one of the more prominent ingredients. but what i'm really trying to get a is if something like this palmolive aromo therapy shower gel could somehow cause rosacea to get worse. Any sufferers use this?
  8. Hi everyone, just in the shower there and noticed that the palmolive shower gel/liquid which was there contained green tea extract, mandaring and ginger oils. I have heard green tea being mentioned here lots of times i think in relation to rosacea and acne, my question is do you think this might irrate my skin as it could contain other substances which might not be good..... I have rosacea and very very mild acne. Green tea on its on is indeed good for rosacea right. I was thinking about u
  9. Any brief thoughts on this guys/gals.
  10. Hello everyone, I have recently started using zinc and b complex to try and improve my rosacea, can those who believe in these two substances for my problem please enlighten me as to how long it might be before I start seeing some results. I remember using these two in the past but am unsure how long it took to clear up. Thank you.
  11. verini for your detailed reply, it's much appreciated. I have read that most types of aha is bad but i read that this particular type actually showed signs of improving rosacea in a number of people in a test case. Currently i'm on antibotics but after about 5 weeks they (tetrcycline) does not seem to be working. Thank you again.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm thinking about trying mandelic acid product by Nucelle to try and improve my skin overall but mainly my rosacea as the 10% glycolic I'm using at the moment seems / might be causing my rosacea to worsen. Has anyone had any good results with mandelic acid for treating rosacea, its meant to be much less irratating thant normal AHA. Thanks.
  13. Hi everyone, I have a question maybe some people can help me. I have rosacea around my nose and cheeks area. I also suffer from mild acne in areas such as my forehead and around my lips. About three months ago I started using alpha hydroxy advanced lotion aha 10% which I bought of the internet. I read that aha can sometimes damage / worsen rosacea so I did not apply it around my nose and cheek area, but DID apply it around the rest of my face and still do to this day. It has improved my skin