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Leaves a sticky feeling
Moisturizes Leaves sticky feeling I like that this lotion is lightweight feeling on my face. It is effective in moisturizing my face but it seems like no matter how little I use, it always leaves a sticky feeling on my face. I don't even use half a pump.

By burnthenightaway,

Indifferent towards this
I really want to like this product. I read a bunch of reviews, both on here and on amazon, and it's gotten pretty much phenomenal reviews on both so I went ahead and purchased it. I liked the foaming and after washing it off, it did make my face feel clean. Although a difference was that it seemed to dry my face. I don't have dry/sensitive skin so I was taken aback by this. I switched to this from Cetaphil and the Cetaphil never made my face feel dry. I'm gonna continue to use this product and h

By burnthenightaway,