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  1. I have been on Retin A 0.025%. The stuff works great, I have no acne but my face is red. It gets super red when I sweat or when I stay in the sun too long (of course I wear SPF too). I am currently using Complex 15 which works okay only because it doesn't take care of all my dryness nor has a SPF, I usually put a sunscreen over it. Does anyone know a moisturizer that helps facial redness? Your insights will be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  2. I was using Retin 0.1% Gel and it really dried out my skin. It worked on my acne but my face was flush red. My derm gave me 0.025% Cream and it has been working so much better. I cant tell you if the cream works better because Im thinking the 0.1% strength was too strong. But I like the cream because it doesnt ball up.
  3. I've been using Retin-A Micro 0.1% for about 6 weeks and although it has helped my acne my face is extremely red. I work outside so it gets bad (I use Neutrogena SPF 45). My doctor prescribed me .025% telling me it should work better in controlling redness as well as my acne. My acne is mild so I dont think I need major work. Has anyone had better results with a lower strength of Retin-A or should I stick with the 0.1%?
  4. I know this topic has already been posted before but I personally would like to know how to minimize the facial redness I am experiencing. I am currently using Retin-A Micro Gel 0.1% and it is working well for my acne (I was gaining some confidence until someone asked me why my face was so "flushed red"). I use this stuff everyday, should I switch to every other day? Maybe use a moisturizer before or after I apply Retin A? Do I have to get off the medication completely and use it to maintain
  5. I would keep doing. I am on 6 weeks with 0.1 Retin A Gel and it started like hell. I was purging, my initial breakout gave me double the acne (I would classify myself as mild). But besides that my face was super dry to the point where it hurt to open my mouth. When I perspired a little bit my face itched like hell. And to top it off my face was red. But I can honestly say that right now I literally have one active pimple (and it isnt big), my face doesnt itch anymore, the drying isnt bad a
  6. I have started using Retin-A Micro (Gel) for about two weeks now and I have been seeing improvement in my acne and my hyperpigmentation. The downsides are that my face is pink, and maybe even red when I sweat while working out. My skin was super dry in the first week, but it has gotten better as of late. I have some questions I would like answered if anyone can help, so I know what to expect from this product. 1. What is the difference between Retin-A and Retin-A Micro? Is the gel form rea
  7. Are there any recommendations on what moisturizer to use while I am on 0.1% Retin-A? I've been on it for about a week now and my face is super dry! I can't open my mouth after I get out of the shower until I put a moisturizer on. I use Complex 15 which was great for me, but not that I am drying out excessivly I need something that works better. I still have that dry, tight feeling in my face even after I use Complex 15. Any suggestions?
  8. I used Retin-A about six months ago and I has really good results. Of course I went through the initial breakout for about 3 weeks, but after that my skin was really good. I went off Retin-A and went to Green Cream (Level 6 at first now on Level 9), although Green Cream has improved my skin, Retin A worked much better for me. Green Cream dried out out my skin more and made my face more red than Retin A. But my question is that I want to go back to Retin A and was wondering if I will experien
  9. If anyone has bought anything from inhousepharmacy.com and could you tell me how your experience was, especially with product quality and shipping time. Thanks alot!
  10. Are there any vitamins to aid and supress hormonal acne? Any insight, suggestions, or experiences would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks!
  11. Ive taken Tretionoin 0.1% and then switch to Green Cream (was on 6 now on Level 9). The Level 9 is pretty strong, it overdrys my skin, but after I dont use it for a couple of days and my face balances out again its better. Dont know if this helps but that is just my experience.
  12. You might need to test the product for about 3 weeks to genuinely "try" it out. My face is still adjusting to the Level 9. I dont have the "big pimples" emerging as much. I have 3 active as of now, but I have purging of whiteheads now. But with that said my face is looking a little better each day, besides the problem spots my face is very smooth.
  13. It's been about a week since I started GC Level 9 and I'm still experiencing the initial breakout even though the breakouts have slowed down a little. Sucks but the GC is pushing the pimples to the surface so I guess that's good. The scars from previous acne are dimishing fast though.
  14. Thanks for the reply. How long did your IB last? I'm hoping this stuff works the way Avita did for me. Inital Breakouts suck! But I guess a person has to pay their dues......
  15. I have been using Green Cream Level 9 for about a week now and my face is experiencing an intial breakout. I have 5 new active pimples on my face (althought the texture and complexion of my face is better). I've used prescription strength retinoids before (Avita 0.01) and used a bottle of Green Cream Level 6 already. The level 6 worked well at first but it seem like my face was ready to upgrade because I felt like the level 6 was losing effectivness. But anyways like I said I am experiencing