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  1. around 3 months I still have a some little pimples around my mouth. my face is less dry and does not need as much moisturizer. The red marks are fading but very slow. I have forgot to do the bp a couple nights and nothing happended so i was lucky. im still on the mino and i think that its helping my face also. ive been running ever night for about a month and one week. When i started running i couldn't even finish one lap without being out of breath, now im running on average around three to
  2. basically just try not to let your shirt touch your face, make sure that the sweet does not go on it. I usally will ware a white t-shirt when i exercise.
  3. is their any way to stop or protect your t-shirts from getting those bleach stains around the collar form the bp?
  4. Week 9 wow i can't believe its week 9. my face is looking great right now with only 2 active pimples (very small) and the red spots are going away faster and faster, day by day. Im so glad i stuck in with this stuff, around to 3rd week i was very questionable. All my freinds are asking me what am i doing, most of them think im on accutain. This is a life changing experiance. overall attitude: more confident fitness: ive been running approx. 3 miles a night for the last 10 nights.
  5. Week 8 1/2 My face is looking better im still getting like one pimple every 2 to 3 days but not that bad. Now all i have to do is get rid of those red spots. How many weeks did it take everone, to get rid of the red spots, totally clear? overall attitude:alright
  6. 1 day away from week 8 My face is looking great still have a couple active pimples but most of the red marks have decreased in size. In the mourning my face is getting like white? is this common? like it takes 20 to 25 min for it to dry to put on the moisturizer. So i have to put on the moist on at school which really sucks because my face is dry for 1st period and white... overall attitude: confident, i just plain out feel better
  7. Dude my acne was the same as yours but im getting it in high school im almost on week 8 and my face is looking way better, still getting a couple pimple here and their but, im very happy that i did this.TRUST ME DO NOT GIVE UP, you will regret it
  8. Played airsoft today, got hit on the face, blood was going everwhere. It was a huge gash. Then the police cam and busted us. They took down our names and numbers and everything else. Does anyone know what to do with a open wound on your face??? I put this mask on my face and i think its breaking out now but the white heads are much smaller and those little bumps around my mouth are micro whiteheads those are the worst
  9. End of week 7 ok well I have one pimple on my left cheek that looks like its down to its last days,1 right next to my mouth, and two on my chin. other then that im clear. My scars on the lower part of my left cheek are getting less red. I would of thought my face would of been way more clear, but Im very happy with the results, their better then my face use to be. I think the minocycline is doing something, i forgot to take it one day and I got that pimple on my chin (corresponds) School s
  10. yeah I was still getting some pimples but they were a little smaller. The eurecin works great dosent cause acne or it dosent make it look that oily. Just stick in there and your face will get better...
  11. 1st day of week 6 woohoo week six no new acne only 2 stubborn pimples on each side of my mouth.ugh I think its from my braces and the orthodontics though. My skin has been really dry lately like i have to moisturize in the mourning and at lunch to make sure it hasn't dried out. The dryness does not make me made at all I can counter act it with the moisturizer, Its only the pimples that drive me crazy....
  12. no leave it on. how much did u use? is this the first week??
  13. How long have you been on the regiman??
  14. Actually I used Basis soap, bp gel and it actually made my skin dry. So I added Eurecin daily renewl. Maybe try basis and see if you like it??