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  1. brunette_barbie

    Bye Bye Blemish - Drying Lotion

    i bought the bye bye blemish yday, i tried it and i found that it did reduce their size, but not by too much, i can't really say anything tho because i just used it one night...ill keep updating tho
  2. brunette_barbie

    Bye Bye Blemish - Drying Lotion

    I saw it recently at the pharma plus at promenade, and i wanted to buy it but i wuz skeptical damnnn i really should have...i will next time i guess
  3. brunette_barbie

    AHA Moisturizers in Canada?

    Its in the plaza right outside of promenade....like theres the mall then the promenade plaza or sumthin....the place has like a tealish green sign with white writing
  4. brunette_barbie

    Spectro gel acne care

    My brother uses it...looks good...the stuffs got 2.5 bp so you can use it on the regimen
  5. brunette_barbie


    LOL i realize this topic has gotten like fully out of hand...but ill still post to the original topic.... I dont wish i was a gu...ya girls have a lot more shit (like periods) but like we can wear makeup to make us feel prettier and most guys can't...we have more choices of clothes and also like guys have the responsibility of asking girls out and making the first move n buyin us gifts lol Plus im a girly girly i dunt no if i culd b a guy....mayb for a day tho...
  6. brunette_barbie


    I just recently bought Peaches and Creme moisturizer by kiss my face....I LOVE IT....its got AHA in it so its good for my pimples....its not too thick...moisturizes relle well and dries really fast....plus its mostly natural as i got it at a health food store. Lastly it smells incredible....i wanna eat it lol
  7. I use a moisturizer that has AHA in it...maybe you should try that so it still moisturizes but also uses AHA
  8. brunette_barbie


    My dad had horrible acne...like all over his body too My mom just had the occasional pimple Im closer to my mom...i have very mild acne... My brother has it worse, still less than my dad had it tho Idunno if its genetic....hm
  9. brunette_barbie

    AHA Moisturizers in Canada?

    O um also don't they have eucerin here? i saw a bunch of their products in a pharma plus...
  10. brunette_barbie

    AHA Moisturizers in Canada?

    I use this stuff by kiss my face called peaches and creme moisturizer with 8% AHA....i got it at a health food store and it smells soooo good...im in love
  11. It gets amazing reviews on makeupalley.com ...i attempted it once but my mom bought me the coated aspirin so they wouldnt disolve Im thinking of trying it again...has it worked for anyone
  12. brunette_barbie


    how do u clean the phone so it doesnt?? i talk on the phone for hours every night n i think its doin it to me...all my pimples are like in the area where i hold the phone
  13. brunette_barbie


    Well...i know your a guy but do u use anything on ur lips tht could b causin them? cause i used to use a lip gloss with mineral oil and i kept getting them like on my lip line...and they made me look like i had herpes lol
  14. brunette_barbie


    OOPS!! how do i move this to the makeup forum....