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  1. does ha make anyone break out? I recently started ha with sb and am trying to target which broke me out. I am hoping it wasnt the ha because I love it but am scared to start it up again.
  2. is it possible for scars to get worse after sb?
  3. oh one more thing: has anyone tried tca cross on other scars besides icepick??
  4. Tamara, What % tca did you apply and did you get it from loganskin? How is it healing? I almost want to try this more than finishing sb now
  5. hi Misty, I have only had one sb done so I dont know what to expect yet. The TCA seems very promising and I hope to look into that next! Your treated spot looks great already - not bad scabbing what so ever! Good luck and keep us posted
  6. Misty, good for you! i was just wondering, how long has it been since your last smoothbeam and how much did you dr. charge for that procedure? I am considering tca after I finish smoothbeam but I will be back to work then and hope I can do it!
  7. oh no, Richard, do you think I did any damage already? I have not noticed any hyperpig yet. Is it something that would have shown already or does it gradually happen? I had sb about two weeks ago and havent used anything beyond 15 since. Now I am worried
  8. hello I have a question....do you think that spf15 is high enough for everyday use after sb treatments? I am so worried about hyperpigmentation but I am outside everyday. have enough issues with my face I dont need to add! I have been using a mosturizer with spf15 in it.... do you think that is enough? I do not sit in the sun, just walking here and there..... Hope everyone is doing well
  9. well I went through with it and all I can say is ouch!!! My first sb was at setting 12.5 and hurt like anything even with the numbing cream... had mild redness went away already..I am keeping my fingers crossed!!
  10. I am going tomorrow for my 1st sb treatment. Can anyone give me some quick advice...what to expect? Is it painful? And will I be able to leave the house afterwards?? Thank YOU
  11. It is so strange. My mom had scars when she was in 30's and 40's. As she got older they became less and less noticable. Now that she is almost 70, they are completly gone. I mean you would never had known they were there. She tells me all the time that as she aged the scars got better. See what we have to look forward to in our golden years?? haha Although I have to say.. I see mine getting worse as I get older!
  12. I definately do agree with you James because I am sooo uncomfortable when first meeting someone. I keep thinking how can I hide my scars...Did they notice them? but alot of times people avoid eye contact and have no interest in gettting to know me. I feel like they make an immediate judgement on my scars before they even talk to me. I do try at times to fake it and pretend I am outgoing and do not have scars and I have to work very hard to get new people to talk and look at me. It sux! I try
  13. ok forgive me if this has been answered but does this work with rolling scars too or just ice pick??? congrats to everyone who have been seeing these great results!
  14. I agree that I think being around people with scars only cause more attentiion to mine. I definately do not talk about it either. Not even to my husband (is that strange) I just refer to my scars as bad skin. That is about as far as I go with that discussion. But one thing I do find myself doing when I see someone with scars in a store or something is checking them out to see how people perceive me. I dont know what it is , it seems like when I am introduced to people they are friendly until t
  15. never tried vita k but my derm recently prescribed vitamin A for the same reasons.