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  1. two words: clindamycin phosphate
  2. it rubs off on your pillow. especially if you move alot, like when you're having a wet dream, you'll probably put all that bp to waste that night but atleast you'll bust a nut.
  3. I have these 2 little red spots on my face that i had for over a month now. I thought it was gonna go away with time but it didnt so i think i've waited enough and i think its time to do something about it. it isnt bulging out or anything, i see that theres a small amount of blood right under neath the skin. i was wondering if any of you knew how to deal with this. i was thinking about just puncturing it with a needle to release the blood but decided to come here and see if anyone had knowledge
  4. trust me, if its a cyst, you want to avoid all contact with it. especially if you scar easly.. there are even times when you dont even touch it and it ends up scarring, so be careful ;].. oh ya dont forget to use a concealer.
  5. i say start with 2.5, and if you see no real results after a month just up it to 5%.
  6. maybe its because prescribed medications have side effects and the results will probably be more efficient since the doctor intensively analyzed your case. when you buy bp of the counter , its like taking a chance on something you dont know if it'll work or not. i dont know if im making any sense, but oh well, i dont care :]
  7. or you can get a concealer, but i highly recommend the bandaid if you cant get one.
  8. put a bandaid over it and say you got cut shaving, if she asks..
  9. sinz


    regular clear scotch tape.
  10. sinz


    scars. im not sure about red marks.
  11. its not about everyone being in a agreement of a cure that shouldn't be made, its common sense. why would any company sell a one time cure when they can sell a life time treatment.
  12. and you also can't spell for shiznit, lol. acutane is a medication prescribed by your dermatologist. it's suppose to clear up server acne cases in months; its known to be one of the best medications out there. if you feel that you have tried everything maybe you should give acutane a shot, it just might work for you ;]
  13. i wasn't relating std's with people with acne. i was implying acne and stds as a metaphor. there will never be a cure, you know how much money these people would be losing if a cure was ever made? billions of dollars. they probably would make a great deal of money but it wont last forever. with treatments they'll always have their product in high demand, leaving them with no reason to create a cure.
  14. sinz


    yes, and its also known to fade away scars.
  15. sinz


    -get a peice of tape -place it over the affected areas (scars or pores) -then peal it off -once you have done all the areas wash your face and i think thats it, hope that helps ;]
  16. i probably dont know everything that goes on in the labs. however, i do know that with the overwhelming technology and knowledge we have today a cure should've been released by now. its all obvious, there is no need of proof or evidence.
  17. the way i see it, acne is like an std which most are uncureable. now, if they really wanted to make a cure for it they would've been created one long time ago. theres a difference between a cure and treatment, a cure its a one time process, in the other hand a treatment is a life time. therefore, many products that treat this disorder wouldn't be needed if there ever was a cure. unfortionally there isnt, why? because that would mean less money for them. why sell something one time when you can s
  18. I've noticed that alot of people use this cleanser and i want to know if this product is really good and what types of acne is it most effective on? Im currently using clearasil and i feel like im the only one using this thing. if you want include the type of acne that you have and any other products you use along with the cleanser please do so. i dont use any other products along with my cleanser and it has kept my moderate acne under control.
  19. never seen it. if it works out for you be sure to let us know.
  20. im also 20 years old and weigh around 145. right now im using clearasil's cleanser which works pretty good with my moderate acne. i've been using it for about a month now and i been getting little to no breakouts. im not under the regimen or anything, im just using the cleanser and it seems to be working fine just by it self. i would recommend it for anyone with moderate acne since its what i have, and if you do try it out let me know if it works for you :]
  21. i use clearsil, which keeps my moderate acne under control.