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  1. Men men men men manly men

    1. [macklemore voice] wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat http://t.co/vpogHDp4BA

      1. RT @realjohngreen: Henry, just now: "Look! Dad! There's a shark on TV!" Me: "You want to learn about sharks?" Henry: "Or we could watch Sha…

        1. RT @Cavey_: I don't think I'd be very good in a riot, I don't have the energy really

          1. Awwwwwww I love him so so much looks at him LOOK http://t.co/MgtwntPgr3


              1. Dear hot Spanish guys on the tube. Please read this and know. I love you

                1. Listen with your heart you will understand

                  1. RT @peggykirkwood: I am also disappointed that Chris died in skins coz he was cool and nice and friendly

                    1. Oh contacts how you delight me http://t.co/9hFAuNzcei

                      1. Hey everyone, I'm kinda new here so wasn't sure where to post this. I used BP for a few weeks a while ago but I stopped because it made my skin so horribly dry and red and raw, and now a few months later I'm suffering from dry patches in the areas I applied it. It's not flaking or anything but when I put on foundation you can definitely see it. I'm currently taking erythromycin which is what I used to get rid of my mild acne and I haven't broken out since I was on it but I have to keep t