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  1. just switch it will be well worth it even if you do break out in the beginning. I luv ortho cyclen. the only bc pill that did awesome things for my skin. I did switch from loestrin to ortho tri cyclen then ortho cyclen so yes I went from a low dose to a high and yes I did gain weight from the ortho tri and ortho cyclen but for me it was okay because im thin anyway. however, I loved being my original weight so I just watched what I ate on the ortho cyclen and I managed to be my original weight ag
  2. that's so strange usually u breakout even more after quitting bc pills. this is great for you. who cares why your getting clear. your skin is way better after quitting hormone therapy which never happens! be appreciative ur so lucky girl! I hope the clearness continues forever for u; take care!
  3. I was on 25 mg and it did help my moderate acne! I wouldn't say I wasnt 100% clear but more like 85% clear but unfortunately my hair just kept falling out on any dose of spiro so I quit it. although it is a godsend for acne! many women are 100% clear on 50 mg and that is a very low safe dose so I would ramp it up to 50 mg and when you clear up, lower to 25mg and see if it still stays clear. good luck! oh and every time I messed with my dose, I broke out because of the change.
  4. I know that u dnt want to remove the mirena but if I were u I would try to save up some money some how to get it removed. I know a lot of women who had bad acne because of the mirena. I also have heard experiences with nuva ring and it supposedly helped a lot of women with their skin. so try that since you dnt want to take the pills everyday. although, that is what I do to help my acne. they work best I believe. as far as spiro, I do think too much of a dosage could def. cause you to break out.
  5. why dnt you just go back on ur old one that worked and take the brand name since the generic u liked of it isn't offered by them anymore. u cant go wrong with brand name. or u can try to stay on yaz for at least 4 packs to see some improvement after that. if both options don't work, try the bc pill ortho cyclen. that's what I always end up going back too since it eventually clear me and doesn't give me any side effects other than weight gain (which I really need actually). maybe u'll have good e
  6. well then maybe you can try a natural supplement called estrosense. my cousin takes that in conjunction with her bc pill for her acne since the bc pill alone wasn't keeping her skin 100% clear and now she is clear 100%. try that.
  7. well I just started the ortho cyclen about a week ago again because I just quit spiro but I was on it last year and I remember that my skin was perfect. no oil or blackheads or cysts; no acne! just a small pimple or two the week of placebo that no one noticed with my concealer. that's why im always recommending this bc pill; I love it and am happy that im back on it even though im pumping synthetic hormones into my body its worth it because im fed up with acne! But everyone is different so the r
  8. try taking spironolactone (aldactone) with the bc pill if you don't want to switch pills. I heard many success stories with this combo. usually just 25-50mg is taken when the bc pill is mixed with it and that has cleared people up well. read the reviews from acne.org on spironolactone. I doubt DIM will clear you since I have not had success with the natural route but you could try it and see if it helps. I never tried DIM. Good luck!
  9. Try Ortho-Cyclen (monophasic)!!!!!! It is the best bc pill ever! My acne has always been frustrating and I tried everything to the point where my derm put me on two courses of Accutane and it still came back. I also tried lower dose estrogen like Loestrin 24 Fe (monophasic) and FDA approved for acne Ortho-Tri-Cyclen (stupid tri-phasic) and both made my acne worse after many months (like 6 or 7) of taking them. the only one that helped my acne was Ortho-Cyclen and I never had any serious side eff
  10. Brenmc, my derm told me that I can take it forever if the blood work keeps coming back normal and as long as I don't get pregnant. she also said that you cant become resistant to it like antibiotics. its not an antibiotic. the 25 mg of spiro is still keeping my acne at bay. I never had severe acne nor the type of acne that leaves pits in the skin. I just get a few cysts before my period and I get all the time a ton of puss-filled pimples (gross) around my mouth and forehead with clogged pores an
  11. Very well said and you're so right! Congratulations on your success with it! if I were you, I would continue taking spiro forever because the risks with spiro are so minimal compared to bc pills (synthetic hormones replacing our natural wonderful hormones) and you can only take bc pills until menopause then you must come off it and the acne can return and with spiro, there is no need to stop taking it. elderly people take it for their blood pressure. it truly is a wonderful drug!!!! I have been
  12. that's great that you got 100 mg. im sure you will clear up on that dose soon. you most likely needed the higher dose eventually cus your testosterone levels are a bit elevated and mine were not. the spiro will def. help those bad painful cysts from the hormonal imbalance.
  13. yes. some woman do clear up on ortho-tri-cyclen. it was one of the bc pills that was FDA approved to alleviate acne so just give it some time. take it for about 4 months and if you see no improvement then switch to ortho-cyclen and you will clear up. Don't worry; its no big deal so just have patience sweetie. good luck to you!
  14. I can't relate to your situation but I would recommend that if you started breaking out on the 100 mg then maybe your hormones changed a bit so why not just increase to 125 or 150 but not anymore than that until you give the increased dose like 3-4 months to see if it will help. you shouldn't have just jumped from 100 mg to 200 mg because that can put your body in shock causing a bad breakout (flaring up the problem more). go gradually. you can't become resistant to spiro; its not possible. you
  15. you will mostly breakout with any bc pill you start because your hormones are trying to adjust so you got to give it at least 4 packs to notice improvement in your acne. if you are going to switch, I would go with ortho cyclen. I went on ortho tri cyclen and it didn't help my acne (and I took it for 7 months so yes I was patient) but then I switched to ortho cyclen and I cleared up in about after 4 packs. so be patient cuz it'll be worth it when you are looking in the mirror at clear skin!