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  1. Lol Hiz

    I had a dream about you not too long ago...

    Bye bye love ya

  2. I have curently been dooing it... Everytime I take a bath, or shower, I rub sea salt on my back twice... It helps a bit, but its definitly no miracle... At least to me...
  3. hmmm what does a ''decent number '' mean?
  4. I've used it for a year or so, in combination with another product.. Cant remember which... It worked good, but after a year, it had no more effect on my acne... Good luck with it... BTW it did not burnt my face like acid lol
  5. So I ordored on the 22th of February 2 Tube of the BP Gel... I live in Canada and have bought some before without problems... So I'm really confussed about where it is.. It usually takes a week for the order to get to me... Anyways I didnt get anything yet which is a problem because I'm starting to really need the tubes now... I have the tracking info from the automatic message, and tryed to track it down... I went on the USPS and tryied to track my order but say the cant find it... What sho
  6. change


    Go habs go!!! you from Montreal?
  7. change


  8. change

    Picture 001 of...

    No way he looks like art garfunkel...
  9. Honestly with a clean shave, low acne day... 5!! on any other day 4 to the least... (shares compliments with himself) Hot thing me
  10. LOL Trop fort le nom... moi aussi je suis plutôt bordelique... Et puis je pense à ma chambre qui est incroyablement craseuse... Ta peau est pas mal du tout mec
  11. LMAO... I have 2 questions... -Where did you keep the gun and -how long did you keep that suit clean?
  12. LOOOOL Orlando... I've been there... I have a pic at that same place... I put my foot in is mouth and was yelling like mad... now that was a pic...
  13. Did any of you ever seen whales on TV? Those creatures have notthing but skin issues...
  14. change

    Just me

    I have a hard type putting a category on your style... I know it's dumb to classify uniqe people... But whatever! What would you say you are? Somekind of mix between Rocker an Emo, is my guess... Or metal? Anyways, I think style is an artistic expression of ones self... And you are one great artist...
  15. change

    jan 11 - left side

    I use to keep lots of facial hair on my face... After a while, I realized that is was hard to wash and it kept lots of oil on place... So for a while now I shave reguraly, it helps a lot... Having a beard was cool though because it allowed to hide a lot of the pimples... But overall I find it better for my skin with no facial hair... Just my opinion, maybe it helps, maybe not... Good luck!
  16. change


    LOL wildwood... good memories... The board walk was just so great too...
  17. Awww... I hope things get better really soon... Actually I'm sure they will! I also think you have a lot to look foward to And you are sooo great!
  18. Bah my night job was a stupid job were I had to place stock all night in a place similary to wall mart... It was hell... But shut my parents up for a while...
  19. Hey white, and all others in the same situation... Do what I did! GET A NIGHT JOB!!! Where you come in contact with the less people you can... I did that for a year... I wanted to kill myself bad... After a year I had to go back to school and still had acne... So it did fuck all for me... But at least I was considered more normal for a while... Just keep in mind that it wont really fix anything and your social life will me a mess... Making your overall life shit!
  20. Where did I say you said your culture was perfect? Yet I'm soooooo stupid... You're from Quebec and dont understand French? Rite...
  21. Show for me where i suggested in any form that my culture was perfect. Untill then may every piece of hair fall off your head, you ugly bald bastard. this man speaks volumes of crucial knowledge, note the word "stuff" Shut the fuck, you balding kunt. You suggested that much when you made fun of 1-Meditation and 2-Marijuana! Putting in evidence your lack of knowledge with both elements... Therefore missing of a lot of STUFF Tu sais quoi esti de PD viens me le dire dans
  22. Objectively the best band in the world: BLIND MELON All albums--- Blind Melon Soup Nico
  23. Shit talk about open mind FREAK TURBULANCE.... Hope your culture is perfect, or else you'll miss on a bunch of stuff... Anyways... I've been using Vippassana meditation... It's really hard to sit still more that 10 minutes lol.... And it's really hard to just force yourself into it once a day... Personnally I havent seen much results from it has for now... But I hope they cold come soon :lol2: Good luck to everyones who try it!