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  1. Feeling pretty good. After almost 8 weeks of using stievamycin I've went from painful, itchy and inflamed pustules and pimples to now having only 3 active pimples but still dealing with about 20 red marks but im learning to be okay with them and treating them the best I can with some AHA which has been helping out alot for me. I am so very thankful I am at this stage, a while ago I thought it might have been impossible. I wish luck to everyone dealing with this condition!
  2. LoveClearXO

    Does Lemon Juice Really Get Rid Of Redness?

    Personally, I have been using squeezed lemons diluted with a bit of water for about a month now everyday or every other day or so and i can safely say it has gotten rid of some redness. But take into account that i have also been using stievamycin(acne treatment) which is known to fade hyper-pigmentation. I have been told that lemon has natural bleaching agents so yes it should bleach the redness out over some time but perhaps not completely. It's all about being patient and using it consist
  3. LoveClearXO

    Helped get rid of small bumps...

    Helped get rid of small bumps...

    Got rid of small bumps on forehead Harsh on Skin Expensive This was the first ever acne treatment that I had tried, I will be honest and say the commercials did get to me and I was so happy that I was finally able to convince my parents to buy it for me. While I don't really recall it making it any worse it sure as heck was not getting me to the desired results I so desperately wanted after so many months of consistent use. However, i did find that it helped the tiny bumps that i would get on my
  4. LoveClearXO

    Helped me...for a few years

    Helped me...for a few years

    Works Fast! Fades Hyper-pigmentation left after acne Prevents acne Bacteria Ressistance Burning sensation at start of use Expensive depending on your insurance When i was about 11 or 12 years of age I had really bad acne in my T-zone at that point i had only tired proactive and the tea tree oil regime from The Body Shop which helped only a bit but did not get me clear. So when i went to my Dr she prescribed Clindamycin in the clindets form (which is like a wipe that gets rid of the bacteria that