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  1. Congrats!! You are one of the rare few individuals who have finally (seems like it takes a lifetime) found a "cure" for their acne. Even though I love this website and it saved me from myself on more than a few occasions, each person's acne is different. It takes time and a hell of a lot of patience. I too, believe I have found my own cure, and couldn't be happier! And through this horrible experience, we all learn a lot as well. We become more humble, understanding, we learn new things about ou
  2. Honestly, you only appear to have a VERY mild case of acne. It doesn't look bad at all! Anyways!, the absolute best face mask (and trust me, I've tried hundreds, seriously) is Proactiv's Deep cleansing Wash. It's a body/face wash. It has salicylic acid in it along with other anti-inflammatory ingredients. It has a small grainy texture to it, perfect for gently washing away dead skin and bacteria. It's very easy and refreshing on your skin, and reduces pimples greatly. I've been using it for
  3. HI! I too am currently on accutane (2nd round actually), and I just want you to take a very deep breath and relax. I know it's really difficult to stay calm when you feel as if your face looks like complete crap, but I've been in your exact situation twice before. When I first started Accutane, I had practically all the side effects. It was terrible, and I was miserable. I had a constant sunburned look to my face, it was peeling along with my lips, two seconds out in the sun and I'd
  4. Cigarettes send very bad toxins into your body. Your body has to expel those toxins somehow. And one of the ways it does so, is through your skin. So yes, it's very possible that smoking is playing a strong roll in your acne. Please put good things in your body.
  5. Well as yor are probably aware, different vitamins/medications effect people differently. For example, someone take vitamin D might clear up dramatically, while someone else taking the same thing might develope even worse acne. It sucks, but it's pretty much a trial and error with your body. I believe I have found a vatamin that has helped me tremendously. I take 50mg of Zinc every day. I've searched other reviews from others who have taken zinc for acne and they have also received great results
  6. Well, from what your describing, it sounds like cystic acne. It could be something you're eating. Dairy, nuts, and other things can cause cystic acne flare ups. Corner of mouth pimples are the worst
  7. Unfortunately, it seems like no matter what any of us use, the acne always seems to come back! I was on Accutane 3yrs ago, and it came back same severity as before. But I definitely think you should go on Accutane instead of the cream. I believe acne stems from internal purposes. The best way to clear it would be from the inside-out, which would be the Accutane. It works very well. Plus, you wouldn't have to slather on a thick cream every night! Don't let all the hype about how Accutane is de
  8. Hello! So about a week ago, I had this pimple-like bump pop up right between my breast, on my sternum. At first, I thought it was merely a little pimple (even though I NEVER get pimples on my chest) and I saw a little white head so I sterilized a needle, pierced it, and puss came out. At the time, it seemed like a black head, the way it came out. However, it's larger now, more painful, and irritated. Which I know is probably because I irritated the area. But it's really painful now. Lit
  9. Hey! So I have had this rather large black head on my cheek, just under my eye, for about 2 months now. It's obviously a black head since it has a black center. It's not sore or tender like a pimple, it's just a big black dot on my face. I have tried squeezing it about a month ago, and I merely irritated the skin for a couple a days. Made it red for a while, then it faded. Tried using a needing to dig the stuff out (Stupid I know, save the lecture) Tried sulfur mask, deep sea mask, ste
  10. I appreciate all the lovely responses from everyone. It's really refreshing to know that there are many people (male and female) who aren't bothered by acne when it comes to dating. While acne does demolish a person's confidence, it does also make them more humble and sympathetic towards the world. I never saw it like that. Good to know there's still a lot of good in the world.
  11. Hello! I saw a thread on here about what girls think of guys with acne, but I am curious (being a acne sufferer myself) what a guy thinks of a GIRL with acne? In my opinion, a guy with acne looks fine. They look normal and socially acceptable really, because they're not held to a high standard of beauty like girls are. We're kind of expected to have baby smooth, flawless skin. And when we don't, people don't look at us the same. I'm not being sexist or anything, I just think it's easie
  12. I am honestly scared of the things I would do to obtain completely clear skin. To me, it's the equivalent to being the richest, most powerful person in the world...
  13. From my personal experience, going makeup-less has resulted in much clearer skin. This past summer, I broke out horrendously! I'm talking nice ripe white heads and cyst all along my chin, jaw and lower cheeks. Some of that was caused my the humidity of summer, but I would also slather on thick makeup to cover everything. It was just a bad cycle. Now, I don't wear any AT ALL, except for the occasional concealer to hide a blemish or two. You have to imagine your face/skin as a filter. It