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  1. susie5565

    27 Week

    No make up on with Bare Minerals make-up It has been awhile since my last update. I still get pimples, usually once a month a few will break out. I find this to be hormonal and guess I have to ride it out since I won’t take birth control or anything to help with my hormones. I am still using the BP, the Cetaphil face wash and moisturizer along with the cetaphil sunscreen. I use the retin-a at night on my forehead and nose. Then I dilute the retin-a with the Cetaphil moisturizer an
  2. susie5565

    18 Week Update

    I hit 18 weeks. I took pictures at 17 weeks and think those look better than this weeks pictures. I will post the 17th and 18th week pictures. I feel it has gotten better than what it was. I still break out just not as bad as it was. I still am following my routine which is at night, wash with cetaphil, then retin a at night just on forehead and upper cheeks (not applying it on chin area other than gently swiping my fingers on it after already rubbing it in to the other areas of my face). Mornin
  3. susie5565

    16 Weeks

    I missed 15 weeks, I did take picture that day but didn’t post on here. Not much change. I haven’t gotten any new bumps. I feel some spots have been fading and looking better.
  4. susie5565

    14 Weeks (Yesterday)

    Nothing new, spots aren’t fading but I don’t have new bumps so that is always a plus.
  5. susie5565

    13 Weeks

    Today I hit 13 weeks. I did have a bump on my chin and another one off to the right but they never came to a head and are just going down. Hopefully they don't reappear later. Nothing new, waiting for discoloration to fade.
  6. susie5565

    12 Weeks

    Nothing new. The spots are still there, they dont want to fade. I feel the natural lightening outside makes them stand out more, but my daughter told me it looks the same in either light. How nice to hear.... lol NOT! I am approaching my TOM and seem to have spot brewing on my chin and one to the right side. I wish the spots would go away.
  7. susie5565

    11 Weeks

    I am actually on time for once blogging! Yay! So I hit 11 weeks and am not getting new bumps which I am happy about. I have all these brown spots/marks left over from the all the acne which is going to take time to fade (don't you just hate that they just don't fade away as quick as they popped up). I really feel the estroven is making a big difference. My face is still so oily around my t-zone area, comes through my make up through out the day. But hopefully my hormones level out sooner than la
  8. susie5565

    10 Weeks

    Ahhhhhhh...... I feel like I am making progress. Last week was horrible. It really got worse even the pictures can't show how bad it really looked. My face was just not right. I really feel no matter what products I use, it doesn't make a difference. I been sticking with the Cetaphil gentle face wash and lotion and 50 sunblock, BP in the morning after face washing, then I changed to use less than a pea size retina a on my face not adding to my chin area and just using whatever cream left over th
  9. susie5565

    9 Weeks (Forgot To Post Yesterday)

    It seems this week and last week, I have been a day off on my posting. I did take my pictures yesterday but didn't post on the blog. I have been using less retin a only focusing on my forehead/nose and upper cheek area. Once all spread in, I then swipe gently over my chin area. I don't feel it has made anything better. I am also having my wonderful TOM and it isn't helping either. Here are my pictures on 9 week mark.
  10. susie5565

    8 Weeks (Forgot To Post Yesterday)

    It is 8 long weeks and my chin has a lot of spots. In fact, a lady I haven't seen in awhile even asked about my face. This is old, to say the least. So 2 nights ago I decided not to put the cream on my chin area. I put it on my forehead and nose and upper cheeks. Once rubbed in, I just skim my fingers over the chin area. I just can't no longer take the bumps nor anymore discoloration. My face after 8 weeks is still worse off than when I began. Hopefully, the cream will help aging but in the acne
  11. susie5565

    7Th Week

    Today I have hit the 7th week mark. I looked back at photos and it does look slightly better than week 4. I am not as bumpy rough looking. Still have discoloration and some bumps, but not the huge ones I was getting. I just keep telling myself that the long term benefits outweigh the ugliness now like wrinkles/aging skin. Here are my 7th week pictures.
  12. susie5565

    6 Week

    I am at the 6 week mark today. I think it is better than last week. I haven't had huge one after another coming up but still have discoloration but that be hidden with make up. The small under the skin bumps are really a bothersome. I don't know if it was because I was irritating my face using a washcloth to help clean the make up. I did have some before I started the cream, but just a few close together. It is like they wont go away or come to a head. Strangely, I also believe they get more not
  13. susie5565

    5 Weeks Using Retin A

    Thanks! I did read the insert and did tons of research and talked with lady who has been using it for years (she has flawless skin and looks younger for her age) and she said she never went through any purging phase. I guess, since I didn't have much acne to begin with that I figured I would fly through and not experience the purging. I have thought about going back to my doctor (who also uses it and his skin is flawless and he looks younger than he is) and asking for a antibiotic or something t
  14. susie5565

    5 Weeks Using Retin A

    Today is my 5th week using retin a. Still breaking out. It seems my chin area doesn't catch a break. The current pimples will finally start going down and then 2 new ones will brew up before the other are even gone. My face hasn't thanked me yet and I am starting to wonder if it ever will. My chin area seems to peel in only certain small sections and the peeling wasn't really bothering me. But in one area, if I stretch my mouth out to stretch the skin in that area, you can tell it doesn't seem l