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  1. So sorry these are late. College had been kicking my butt! The first three pictures are from October 24 (2 months and 1 week). The bump on my forehead was terrible and did not go away for a while. The last two pictures are from October 31 (2 months and 2 weeks). Aches have still been the worst side affect. My back hurts basically all the time. Can't bend over easily or exercise as much. Dry skin has been an issue, but not as bad. There are random times where a rash flares up on m
  2. I can tell you I took that picture on a good day. Maybe 1 or 2 days a week are "good" days. The rest are terrible. So don't get discouraged if you don't see improvement early on!
  3. Sorry for my tardiness! I'm going to write this as if I wrote it on time... So the bump on my cheek from last week turned into three bumps a couple days later! It really sucked. It was just a big cluster. More towards the end of the week, things started to clear up. Dry skin has been rough. That and the achiness. Nothing much else to report. It's been a busy few weeks with school!
  4. My gums have thankfully not been bleeding as often, but I'm glad that I'm not alone for that side effect. I wouldn't be surprised if the medicine has to do with back pain. It's been really bad for me. :/ Definitely the worst side effect. Everyone sees improvements at different times so I'm sure you're getting there!
  5. I apologize for how late this post is. I have been preparing for one of the worst weeks in college ever (tests, papers, presentations, etc.). The pictures below do represent the 1 month and three weeks mark because I did take them on Thursday. (I'm also going to write this as though I posted it on time) A couple of things.... Do NOT use pore strips. I knew I was taking a risk and now I know not to do it. Maybe two days after using the pore strip, my nose was red and then started to peel
  6. Sooo....basically no changes. I wonder if my skin is thinner because I have been getting a lot of scratches and I seem to bleed more easily. I do have a question for you all. Did anyone experience sore gums while on Claravis? I never have issues with my gums, but they have been bleeding now and then. Just wondering if that's a side effect. So I used a Biore pore strip a couple days ago because I was getting so many bumps on my nose from my pores pushing stuff out. I knew I was taking a
  7. Sorry I'm posting this a little late. I took the pictures a couple days ago, so it should be accurate! Anyway, I am now past the 1 month and 1 week mark. My skin was very volatile. I broke out a lot along my cheeks around the 23rd and 24th. At least they come and go fairly quickly. My skin is extremely dry. Mostly my arms and hands. Some areas just look scaly. I try to put on lotion as often as I can. The aches are becoming the most irritating. My back, neck, and ribs feel achy basic
  8. So I finished my first month (and a couple days)! I went to the dermatologist on Thursday and I will getting my second prescription today. This week has been a little crazy because I got sick with a cold or something (I've been sick for a week now and I don't see it ending soon). I don't always get sick, but when I do, I get SICK (insert Dos Equis meme). Basically, my nose and lips got really dry, though I think that's mostly because of being sick. My skin has been getting dryer though.
  9. Thanks. Tried to make a non-funny thing a little humorous. lol
  10. Officially done with my third week! It has been a crazy one so I will tell you all about it.... So the red bump(s) on my right cheek that I posted last week changed several times. First it was like 2 bumps. Then it was four smaller bumps. Then it turned into one large bump. It's not very big anymore, so I'm hoping it goes away soon. I also had some dry patches earlier this week on each of my cheeks. They were really strange because they were maybe the size of a dime and I couldn't see th
  11. I have officially completed my second week. Seemed to go by a lot faster than the first so I'm hoping it keeps up with this pace! So I definitely think that I am in the initial breakout phase. I had a few bumps earlier this week and I now have two painful bumps on my right cheek (see picture). They are not pleasant and I hope they go away soon, but I'm used to those lasting a while. I also have a somewhat big bump near my chin. Still haven't experienced many side effects. Dry lips and I
  12. I'm not looking forward to the peeling. I'm hoping the fact that I live in hot weather will lessen the effect. haha Just wishful thinking, I'm sure. Thank you for letting me know about not wearing makeup. I have been wearing makeup (most of the time) right now since it hasn't been dry (yet). I definitely don't want to freak people out with my scary face! haha I wish I would have started earlier in the summer. Dropped the ball on that one. Thanks for the advice!
  13. Good luck to you too! Hope to hear of your progress as well.
  14. Week one complete! Feels like so much longer, but that's probably because school has started. I am taking 40mg of Claravis. I am on a one pill then two pills routine for the next five months. I use Cetaphil everything (lotion, cleanser, moisturizer, etc.) for my skin though I have not yet experienced much dryness. My lips are a little dry and also my nose, but that's it for now. Haven't had any side effects as far as I can tell. I think I may be starting my initial breakout. I have a ver