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  1. Its not so baddd, trying to be focused on something else,, But I'm start to picking up T_____T
  2. Hmm.. I know how that feel babee, I think you should be back as a vegetarians, and I guess everything will be back normaly. But sometimes, If you're starving and get bored of the diets. Maybe you can try to eat some beef steaks? Or maybe chicken breast steaks? For me its low fat, and it doesn't made any pimple on my face. You should pay attention with what kind of food that made your acne shown up, and what's not. And write it, so you're not forget about it. I've been like you for a long
  3. MGOO2 Helloo.. Yeah, I know about that song..and it really means to me,a story about me ,haha It helps me to be stronger sometimes But sometimes you know that,, You feel sad about em', you feel so ugly and different. And then when you see someone who more severe than you, you feel that you're not thankful . And I start to cry, and feel so sinful to God. But sometimes I feel that I'm beautiful(my skin is inconsistent, sometimes its good sometimes its veryyy baddddd x_x). That's why t nick
  4. I always do it, always scrutinize my skin in the mirror all the time, it makes me feel better to check my skin hour to hourr. So I know what changed with,, But for a long term, I feel that this behavior wasn't right. Sometimes I think am I going crazy bout acnes even????(LOL~ but its dam* truee!it really happening,, Feel ashamed bout it ~) Then I start to reducing my time with mirror to avoid a stupidd tickle feelin bout "being crazy" ,, and it gets better now,a little. However I realized th
  5. It needs time to fix your icepick scar I guess, so you just need to keep moving, and I believe that someday it'll get better.. I'm sorry I can't upload my pic, bcause to talk to a forum like this it was a big step for me, before this I never tell anyone bout my feeling, and this is just my first time bcause I was too desperate with. My condition generally is, many acne scars, a few pimples in a various size spread all around my face, and what make it worse is an irritation that I got looks like
  6. Likecake_ Woww you're indonesian too.. Hellohellohelloo I'm chinese too btw..hehe Hmm, yess, so do ii, love many things but don't hv any ability too.-____- Sometimes I think, am I too excessive to think like this, and of course I always thankful to God of what he has given to me. But sometimes its true that you don't have ability to do many things that you love to. Acnes just hamper many things that should be wonderful in your life T___T Sometimes I wonder it would be very easy and happy
  7. Yess, its a common things here, could find it in shops.hahahaa~ I'm indonesian. Wish could flying and live in europe so I'm not experience any commercials doctorr! Hwwhw Yupp, I wish it will changed me into a princess Lol*, wishing you had a clear flawless skin soon too!!
  8. Moonlit,, Oww,, ic ic but doctors here never gv me any suggestion bout birth-pill I guess its bcause a birth-pill is some that could be bought in common shops. Then it'll heal the problems rapidly. So when it clears rapidly it means that you'll never back again to them. And it also mean that their income will be decreased. That's the main differences between european and asians one, doctors here is so materialistic that's why they made everything by them selves, so the patient should buy anyth
  9. Moonlit,, Oww,, ic ic, so the ingredients of each birth-pill is different, so that's why the result is diff too.. I should go to the doctor maybe for that. Or maybe giving a birth-pill is what they said with hormon therapyv? And then, people said that a pimp on chin is a hormonals one? Is that rightt?? Hmmm, yes, there's a lot of differences between european and asians doctors of gving a prescribe. But maybe doctors in europe much be better than asians, consider from the science and techn
  10. Moonlitriver.. Oww, different birth-pill could hv a diff result? What makes them different?? Is it equally a birth pill? But all this time going to t dhermatologist, they never suggest me any birth-pill I'm asian, maybe there's differences between europes doctors and asian one on the way they gv prescribe?? Cause there's some review bout US dhermatologist where they only gv their patient 1 active contents on their creams.. And in here, there could be 2 actives inside, but I personally neve
  11. Likecake, yeah, that's exactly what I feel about... This acnes makes me feel like living my life in a jail. Really" isolated from the worldd.. If I weren't like this, there's so many things I wanna do, many things I wanna try, and life would be so much easier isn't it?? I love basketball so much, I were an athlete on snior high scholl.. And I love sports, love swimming.. I love to bathing on sun 'if' I'm not like this.. But after my skin become much worse like this, I can't do a lot of my
  12. Yess, she love to make a jokes about me too..she used to whisper straightly in front of me -__- She also like to talk about me behind, huhh~ Nope, I dunno exactly what's that..cause all the creams and gel, facial wash are originally made by her self.. Before I went there, my face is in the 'ok' level, but I just need or maybe want some treatments to make it looks better. Then she said that there'll be many pimps come out at the first time, purging.. Then it'll soon gone after approximately
  13. Yeaah, of course, my mom knows everything that changed in me and she tried to help me. Maybe sometimes I'll tell her about what I really feel inside about this 1year. Yeahh, I don't understand with her, She love to be happy above anothers misery. I guess its better to be away from for a moment. Like what you say, stay away from the negatives..and it feels better.. I don't really sure with the prescribe, but what I got there is: Facial wash, toner, acne gel,sunscreen, and the night cream(
  14. Moonlitriver,, Yess, I don't wanna burden others with my life, my sorrows, I'd better kept it by my self.. Because, everytime I see my mommy sad then I'm not getting better inside, it become worse instead.. When my mom look at me, and I looks so sadd, she always asking on me, what's happening to you?but I Always say, I'm okay, and then I could see her face turn to be sad,worry and I just can't see that..then I start to pretending with a lot of fake smile,just to put away sadness from my mom'
  15. There's one of my friend that suitable with this topic. I don't know, she's my bestfriend but she always try to put me down(many people around me said include my mom,its not my own feeling~), she doesn't like if I were 1 step forward her.. And this is the most sucks and bothering things from her.. How come my "bestfriend", who knows my journey of 'struggling with pimples' from the time when I only had 1-2 pimp, then raised again become a whole face, then healed again, and now become a big trou