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  1. Hello everyone, I for the most part have good skin. I started getting cystic acne starting i don't know when. I went to dermatologists and they would prescribe retin-a, tazorac, and aczone. Last year it took almost a whole year for retin-a to finally make a change. my skin was perfect. Until it wasn't. I got off it and my skin was doing great. Which made me happy cause I no longer want to take medication or use medicated creams. Now Im breaking out terribly on my cheeks. The lady that was doin
  2. I'm entering eleventhgorgeous' 2nd HUGE Back to School Giveaway! #11thGorgeous #eleventhgorgeous #EGsBack2School http://t.co/0nayvupoJi

    1. assassinating someones character is much worse than making an opinion on someones looks. #justsaying @SladeSmiley

      1. aw poor @KathyWakile got left hanging :(