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  1. It's all over my back/body/face and I want it gone. I can't even wear a vest. HELP!!!
  2. You should definitely try "Fade Out" cream. It works amazing for ageing spots and it protects the zit from the sun because it contains SPF.
  3. I got told that you should wash your face with things such as Clean & Clear or any of those soaps. DO NOT use wipes, they will only make your spots worse.
  4. Who else is feeling depressed and unwell because of their Acne? I know I am. I'm 15 years old and I used to have severe Acne on my back, upper arm, and my face. That was when I would just breakout - usually just when I'm on my periods. I'd just have the urge to pick them which is annoying because it's actually really hard to stop thinking about a pimple or let it stop bothering you unless you pop/pick it. I thought I had Dermotillomania because of how much of a bad condition I was in and how i