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  1. yeah it is mainly red marks, they look pretty terrible. oh yes sorry forgot to add i did a course of roaccutane, i've been off it for about two months now but the marks haven't shown any sign of fading as of yet thanks for your help!
  2. do you do it yourself or get it done by a professional? ahhhh there's so many options it's hard to know where to start
  3. oh really i didn't know that ok i won't get burned, wasn't keen on the idea anyway because he said i'd have to go light on the foundation so the sun could get to my skin which is not something i can see myself doing lol. i just hope the redness doesn't stay for too long
  4. it is pretty ironic to be told to fry your skin by a dermatologist yeah i agree without the redness i'd be totally comfortable with my bare skin, does anyone know how long it takes for red marks to fade on their own? i presume it varies for different people but i saw someone saying it could take years when people say fillers, do they mean as in the fillers all these celebrities get to try and make their faces look 'better'? and in that case would i have to get them regularly topped up for the
  5. so i've pretty much cleared up my acne now.. but while i am happy i still can't allow myself to be seen unless i'm covered in a layer of foundation which is kind of annoying. i understand that the red marks might fade with time but ideally i'd like to get some sort of treatment in the form of dermabrasion to make them go a bit faster, i also have some dented scars (are these icepick scars?) on my cheeks which aren't a very nice texture - and make it hard to apply make up evenly - and one or two
  6. "I'm in the uk and it just depends on the doctor and where you live. I tried quite a few different things but I literally just made an appointment and asked her to refer me and she was like 'ok then' lol. Mine was quite bad though. I can't go without make up either so I used to take it off with a face wipe as I went into the doctors office then run to the toilet and reapply when I came out! 7 months on roaccutane and I'm now clear apart from red marks. Worried about coming off now though! My der
  7. "im not brave enough to go without makeup....so vain and stupid i know, but i cant bring myself to " oh me neither! it's not stupid or vain at all. with the dermatologist i forced myself too but the first few times i bought a blanket with me and held it up to my face and refused to take it away until i was in the consulting room i must have looked crazy. i wish it was the norm to walk around wearing masks. even now i wear a scarf every time so i can kinda bury in that. just do that and wear
  8. "Thank you Ktlouise!!! I guess compared to a lot of peoples acne it would be described as mild, but that's with make up on, it covers well! I would say moderate, and it does really really get me down. Tried one lot of abx and several birth control pills, plus topicals. I asked for a referral and the last doctor just looked at me like oi was crazy and said it wasn't bad enough...its all about funds I think!!! 2 months for an emergency referral ?!?! wow. That would never wash in the veteri
  9. "I finished accutane on friday with roughly 3-4 pills left. I also asked my derm about a skin regime I should use post accutane she told me to stick with the routine I have been using. The routine I used throughout accutane was using cetaphil facial wash, witch hazel toner, and Ambi (moisterizer). She told me that I would probably have one-three pimples pop up ever full moon which she told me was normal. She told me to use benzoyl peroxide and retinoid cream for spot treatments and that it wo
  10. "I'm liking your workaround on the quote issue, so I'm trying it out too haha. America's health system is decent, but it is not without its flaws and the costs are a little insane. I personally pay a $35 co pay every time I see any of my "in-network" doctors. This is in addition to me paying $140 a month out of pocket and my employer paying $210 a month for my insurance premium that covers only myself and doesn't include vision or dental (there are separate insurance plans for these two).
  11. "Hey there, I'm also from the UK. I finished my course of Roaccutane in October 2013 and my derm told me not to use anything on my skin (why??!!). Soon after this I started to get tiny skin coloured spots on my nose and a few on my cheeks. I started using Finacea on them and they went away with a couple of months. The only thing I will say is be careful, your skin will still be very fragile from accutane and you don't want to damage it by using harsh treatments on it too quickly. Good luck "
  12. "Hey there, Don't mean to scare you or anything but I am currently one my second course of accutane because my acne came back but it was about two and a half years between my current course and my first course. My derm thinks that my first derm didn't prescribe me the correct dosage so my accutane came back. But my skin was clear after my first course. I have pics in my gallery to show you how bad my skin was before accutane. I have pics to after. My skin progressively got better after my f
  13. 'Yeah, I'm from America (DC represent!) and my derm seems prescription happy in general and hasn't hesitated too much to write prescriptions for anything. Don't hesitate to ask for something or be afraid to speak up. Just express your concerns and ask. The worst they can say is no and you won't get anything, which is the same thing that what will happen if you don't speak up And yeah about that security blanket, I feel you there. I haven't completely finished but it does feel a little w
  14. it's not letting me quote for some reason but anyway.. congrats on finishing your course! i don't know about you but i feel weird not taking it now.. like i've lost my security blanket haha. ahh i was really hoping mine would prescribe me a retinoid he said to me that 'some countries do it', are you from america? maybe it's not a regular thing over here in the uk? i really want to ask him if he'll prescribe me at least something on my last appointment but i feel like an annoyance yeah i gues