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  1. I agree the treatment options for acne have changed very little but I would say over the past 30 years. I have had acne since I was 11. I'm middle aged and still have breakouts. My 17 y.o. son is now struggling with agne. The derm is giving him the same oral and topical antibiotics and retinol creams that they gave me years ago. It's the same stuff just under different names. With the FDA approval of the new topical gel dapsone (Aczone) I had renewed hope of a cure: http://www.qltinc.c
  2. How did they finally arrive at the diagnosis? Please tell me what other tests you had that led the doctor to do the MRI? I have read extensively on the adrenal gland conditions that cause acne and am convinced that I might have an adrenal gland problem. When my endo did the tests for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia they came back normal as did all the androgen hormonal testing. I have not had an MRI or ultrasound of my adrenal glands and know if I ask for one the doctor will just ridicule me.
  3. I know what you mean about the hint, hint part. I was talking with someone at work who saw Opra Winfrey years several years ago. I was saying how much I liked Opra. This woman says to me completely out of the context of the converstation, "Opra has beautiful skin." I just looked at her speechless knowing full well and good that that comment was directed at my awful looking skin. Call me overly sensitive but I get this kind of crap all the time with people making indirect reference
  4. My recommendation would be to find a Behavioral Psychologist not a psychoanalyst. Acne sufferers don't need to delve into the past because we know what the problem is - acne and it's repulsiveness to society. What might be useful though is learning how to respond differently to negative thoughts and negative situations. This can be accomplished through behavioral and cognitive change.
  5. If you have mild acne you can be popular but if you have cystic acne forget it, and if you have acne scars there is no chance. After years of acne I have been left with major scarring. Althogh I am nice to everyone at work I was told indirectly (by a very popular co-worker) that no one likes me. Although it was a major blow to my already deflated self esteem I reminded my self that although I may be ugly on the outside, at least I'm not ugly on the inside like alot of other people.
  6. Maintaining an acidic pH is the concept behind the Sebamed line of products. These products have been around for awhile but unfortunately I never knew about them. I have been maintaining an acidic pH on my face by using Sebamed Baby Wash and a sulfur gel product and have noted a dramatic difference in my skin.
  7. I have had acne and very oily skin for 38 years (this is not a typo). I was the poster child for acne treatment at the military clinic where my father was stationed. I kid you not. They tried everything on me; sunlamps, liquid nitrogen, special acid concoctions that they had formulated just for me. I took every antibiotic, used every topical preparation, even took some prescriptions for acne that had nothing to do with acne. I've have also taken Accutane and Spironolactone, had 2 dermabrasi
  8. (Steps on soapbox) I also have had chronic persistent cystic acne for many years. I never had any endocrine tests until after I had children because the over 20 dermatologists that I have seen only treat the skin condition not the root cause of the condition. Acne is a complex disorder that begins with elevated androgens which cause increased sebum production which results in keratin formation in the pores, p.acne bacteria proliferation, inflammation and subsequent cyst formation. If you
  9. I just wonder if it will cause advanced aging of the skin? If the oil gland is completely destroyed on the entire face it seems like botox will be needed by the time your 40. This sounds very similar to what they use to do in the olden days but with x-rays of the skin. The x-rays worked but this treatment was banned because it caused thyroid cancer.
  10. Has any of the females out there with chronic persistent acne every been to a doctor that tried to use laboratory or imaging tests to identify the source of the androgen that is causing their acne? My understanding is that there are 3 potential sources of androgen production in females: 1. The ovaries 2. The adrenal Glands 3. The skin My understanding (see link) is that there are specific tests that can determine if the androgen levels are in excess and can pinpoint the source of the an
  11. Here is a link that explains it fairly well: http://www.dermadoctor.com/pages/newslette...EE55436C8ADC%7D
  12. I have not heard of a clinical research study that requires a deposit from the participant. Usually participants are paid to participate or receive free service. Can you post your study protocol on the board please.