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  1. Hey guys so after 3 years of clear skin thanks to accutane, I have the biggest cyst near my mouth? I put Acnecide on it (BP 5%) and it’s made it worse as now it’s inflamed and the skin around it is inflamed. I’ve discontinued BP and have put lots of Savlon on it, I am also on Flucloxicillin (usually works wonders for infected cysts) but I have a date on Friday night which I’ve been waiting 5 years for so it’s a super big deal and i can’t reschedule, please help! Any tips? Thanks
  2. I have acne dysmorphia too and so does my friend Sara who I met on this forum. My acne was always moderate but in my head I was disfigured. I also went on accutane which cured my cystic acne but I still get pimples and hate it. Eating healthily, a low GI and non processed, vegetable rich diet has gotten rid of almost everything now. My skin is bad at the moment because I overindulged on dairy and sugar over the holiday. If you'd like some support and making a new friend feel free to add me on Fa
  3. Hello everyone! I tried to find a topic about salt but couldn't find anything recent or that interesting. I was wondering if any of you found that eating salt was a trigger food or made your acne worse? Or has anyone ever read about it? My skin hasn't been too bad this past year as I eat better and went on accutane but it's been flaring up again lately and I wondered if salt might be the culprit (I'm not saying it is though, just looking into it). Thank you
  4. I don't want to go on a second course so I'm just doing diet changes, reduced my carb and sugar intake and my skin already looks better. My eye problem is still there but it could be unrelated to the accutane use but I doubt it somehow, I'll keep you posted
  5. Accutane is clearly a band aid too since my cystic acne came back like 3 weeks after I finished!
  6. Hey guys! My name is Lizzie, I'm 28 years old and have been suffering with cystic acne for the past 7 or 8 years which has really affected me, my life, my relationships and my work etc, I'm sure most of you know what that's like. So I've tried everything (over the counter topicals, doctor/derm prescribed topicals, antibiotics, birth control including dianette and even accutane!). Nothing really worked except accutane which worked wonderfully for the whole 6 months I took it (didn't get a singl
  7. Thank you so much for your replies, it means a lot as I'm having a really bad day coping, I'm with my boyfriend and I've just spoken to him about why I'm so insecure about my skin and how it makes me feel. He's been kind and understanding but I don't think he can relate at all, I think he thinks I'm overreacting. I'm willing to do diet changes and I have eaten mainly whole foods since my cyst emerged on Monday (currently almost healed thanks to antibiotic course). But as a big food lover, it is
  8. Yes I have. I was on dianette for over 6 months and it did help a bit (not that much). Also I'd like children so it's not a long term solution anyway. Did you not consider going on a second course of accutane?
  9. Sorry to hear that. I've been off tane now for a month. The eye fluid buildup is still there and my cystic acne is back. Devastated. I now look worse than before the course with the eye thing!
  10. So I was on accutane 40mg/day for six months for cystic acne (only have it on chin and around mouth). I didn't get a single spot during the whole course and didn't get an initial breakout! My dermatologist was adamant my acne wouldn't return as I responded so well. However, 3 weeks after stopping, I got my first cyst. I'm totally devastated and it crushed all my hopes. Accutane gave me so much confidence, improved my social life dramatically, not I feel it's back to the horrors of acne and soci
  11. Thanks Kim, I have no signs of infection, no redness or gunk, just a bit dry. I will give the hot compresses a try x
  12. Hey guys I've been on tane for 6 months now (2 more to go!), taking 40mg per day. Ok so I've had the usual dryness and aches and pains but for the past month or so I've noticed something that's really annoying but not sure if it's related to accutane usage? Basically there's like fluid buildup around my eye (both eyes) which make my eyelids really puffy. It's unattractive and I'm worried this could be permanent. Has anyone experienced this? Thank you )
  13. Thank you so much for your reply and advice! I just hope I didn't get some sort of permanent dry eyes condition because of tane! I guess time will tell! Thanks again! Lizzie x